Animal Removal

Animal Trapping & More in San Antonio, TX.

We offer animal control tailored to species & environment.

Common Wildlife Found in Homes and Businesses

- Squirrels
- Opossums
- Raccoons
- Rats
- Bats
- Mice
- Snakes
- Pigeons

Bat Removal
If you’ve ever tried, you know that trying to trap a bat can be very difficult. Luckily, that’s what we’re here for! Once bats gain entry into your home or place of business, we use exit tubes allowing them to leave and exclude entry points to keep them out.

Bird Exclusion
Accurate Pest Control offers a number of humane control solutions such as netting and screening. We also use repellents and bird wires to discourage roosting, forcing the birds to look elsewhere for a new home.

Raccoon Removal
Repellant and Exclusion is best way to remove raccoons from a home or business.

Our company policy includes identifying the animal or animals invading your home or business, locating the entry points, and assessing the best location for traps. After these determinations, we will recommend the best cost-effective plan which will include sealing of entry points, trapping and removal of the animal, and offering recommendations for the customer of modifications they can make, if any, to discourage animals from frequenting their property.

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