Bee Control, Ant Control and More in Alamo Heights, TX.

Bees might be scary and dangerous, especially if you’re allergic, but they are actually crucial to the environment and our survival. That’s why Accurate Pest Control does not treat foraging or swarming bees unless they are an imminent threat to humans.

If you find a large beehive outside of your front porch or in the corner of your garage, call us right away. We will remove the beehive in a safe manner, ensuring your home and family are completely safe.

Swarming Bees

This swarm of bees was seen south of San Antonio. Bees will swarm this time of year in search of food and water; usually you have a new hatch of bees in the spring and if they do not have adequate food to support the colony, you will see swarms similar to the attached photo. These bees are resting; when they swarm they use a lot of energy and they remain in a clump while resting to protect the queen that is deep inside of this group of bees. They will usually rest for a few hours and then be on their way.
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