Beetle Extermination, Ant Control and Much More in Stone Oak, TX.

There are many beetles throughout Texas. San Antonio beetles consist of many different types including Old House Borer Beetles, Bark Beetles, Powder Post Beetles, Citrus Long-Horned Beetles, Asian beetles, and other species. If you have a beetle infestation in your home, call Accurate Pest Control right away.

Beetles, like termites, can cause a great deal of damage to your wooden structures as many feed on wood. They’re even more destructive because as they eat, they remain unseen. Other types of beetles feed on plants and vegetables which you might find in your garden.

Beetles = Trouble

If you have a beetle problem at home or work, don’t wait to call the professional exterminators from Accurate Pest Control for immediate action. We will eliminate your beetle infestation as fast as possible.
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