Carpenter Ants

Ant Control in Alamo Heights, TX.

Carpenter ants are beneficial insects in a natural environment. They consume other insects, aerate soil and accelerate the decomposition of wood. These activities are essential for maintaining a healthy ecological balance. These ants burrow into live trees, decaying stumps and logs to build their nests.

Although they’re beneficial to the natural environment, they’re not necessarily beneficial to your comfort at home. If you have carpenter ants crawling around your home – in your kitchen cupboards, on the walls, or in your basement, to name a few places – call our ant control exterminators. We have the proper equipment and expertise needed to rid your property of ant colonies of any size for good.

Are Carpenter Ants in Your Home?

Our professional exterminators can treat the voids inside your walls, subfloors and other locations where colonies hide. Accurate Pest Control can also employ various baiting techniques with professional strength, non-repellent products. We’ll make sure your ant problem is a thing of the past! Call us today for ant control service you can count on.
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