Cricket Extermination, Ant Control and Spider Control in Alamo Heights, TX.

Although crickets are harmless, their chirping and unexpected greetings can make you feel unconformable and annoyed. There are a number of crickets that are common in San Antonio and the surrounding areas including the following:

Field Crickets
Some crickets happen to be field crickets, which are dark brown to black in color.

House Crickets
A house cricket is similar to field crickets but are smaller (about 3/4 inch long) and yellow-brown with dark bands on the head and upper body. They can breed indoors.

Tree Crickets
They’re whitish to light green, with slender bodies and long antennae.

Are Crickets Bothering You? Call Us!

If you hear constant chirping in your home, or you keep finding crickets jumping out in your direction and giving you a scare, call on us. We will provide an effective solution to your cricket infestation, no matter what kind are lurking in or around your home.
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