Scorpion Extermination, Ant Control and More in Stone Oak, TX.

Scorpions are not fun to find in any setting, whether you’re inside or outside. They’re creepy, crawly, nocturnal, have slim pincers, and worst of all, they can sting you! The Striped Black Scorpion is the most commonly encountered scorpion in the San Antonio area. These rather large pests can deliver a sting that can cause swelling and itching that can last for several days.

You’ll often find Striped Black Scorpions near debris in the yard, firewood, boards, or plywood in contact with soil where they are known to hide. They can enter your home through the attic. Once they have established themselves in the attic, they will enter your home around light fixtures and penetrations through the ceiling when the temperatures become extremely hot in the months of July and August.

Don’t Risk Living With Scorpions in Your Home

The best measure you can take to prevent finding unwanted scorpions in your home is to call a professional to inspect your home and make recommendations on items you can address. We can even suggest a maintenance program to minimize their population in the area.

Whether you want to take preventative measures or unfortunately already found scorpions in your home, call us right away! Chemical control products may be necessary in certain instances, but rest assured that our exterminators are trained to apply these products to areas where scorpions often hide. An exterminator from Accurate Pest Control can even examine your home for anything that may be attracting scorpions such as water sources and debris. Contact our professionals today to learn more.

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