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Recluse Spiders
The shape of the head and thorax region and darkened violin markings are useful identification marks for recluse spiders. Recluse spiders have six eyes in three pairs. The base of the violin mark is usually the array of eyes, and the "neck" of the violin extends backward toward the abdomen. Texas has 4 types of recluse spiders that are native, with similar markings and colorings, each with the distinctive “violin” markings that have given rise to its nickname as the violin spider.

Widow Spiders
Widow spiders are found in protected spaces and cavities in the outdoors. These spiders may live in bathrooms, garages, cellars, furniture, shrubbery, ventilators, gas and electric meter covers and other undisturbed places. This spider also may be seen in cotton fields and occasionally vegetable gardens.

Like most spiders, widow spiders are shy and retiring. People are bitten occasionally when they accidentally disturb a hidden spider or its web. Widow spiders have distinctive, red triangles at the bottom of their abdomen, forming what looks like an hourglass.

SPECIAL TIP: To avoid hidden spiders, take care when putting on seldom-worn shoes or clothing. The most common widow spider in Texas is the southern black widow spider. Other Texan widows are the western black widow, the northern black widow and the brown widow spider.

More Spiders Commonly Found in Texas

Tarantulas are large, hairy spiders that are brown to black and more than 3 inches long when full-grown. Females, larger than males, have abdomens about the size of a quarter. That’s something you don’t ever want to find in your home or workplace!

Wolf Spiders
Wolf spiders are usually brown and black and may have longitudinal stripes. Wolf spiders are large and often seen under lights; they hunt at night. They can be seen in the dark when their eyes reflect light from a flashlight, headlamp or car headlight.

Don’t Risk It

Do not chance treating any of these spider problems by yourself. Please contact our exterminators in San Antonio for further assistance with your spider infestation. We’ll make sure these unwanted multi-legged guests don’t disturb your life at home again.
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