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When you find ticks in your home, it’s best to call Accurate Pest Control right away. Ticks might seem small and harmless, but they can quickly lay eggs, causing a huge infestation, and they can transmit a number of diseases including Lyme Disease, Tularemia, Tick Paralysis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

There are many different names for ticks including Deer Tick, Cat Tick, American Dog Tick, Bat Tick, Bird Tick, and others. Family pets such as dogs are popular carriers of ticks, which unfortunately can result in a tick entering your home.

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If you need a tick exterminator, turn to the experts at Accurate Pest Control. We will make sure the tick infestation you have is taken care of thoroughly as eggs can hatch months later—but not on our watch!

Call us at 210-263-1430 when you find ticks in your home.

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