Found Live Termites in Your Home or Office? We Solve the Problem for You

Top Termite Pest Control in San Antonio

Termites are the last thing any homeowner would want to encounter indoors or outdoors, as these notorious pests, potentially have the capacity to cause incredible amount of damage to home or office property. Honestly speaking, several people are scared even at the thought of a termite infestation, because they are aware of their ability to take over a place and go undetected for years, eating on the property, damaging it and making it weak.

Given that you have witnessed any kind of termite activity either in your home, office or garden and are not sure about the course of action? Don’t panic and let Accurate Pest Control solve the problem for you. To begin with, we highly recommend you to not disturb them at any cost. Tempted to sprinkle a can of bug spray will only make you feel like an exterminator. Instead, this act will be an alarm for these bugs to go back to their secure space with a guarantee to come back the moment they feel safe.

To make sure that the problem is dealt with at the root, it is important to get professional termite technicians for the rescue.

As specialists in termite treatments, barriers and baiting systems, we solve the issue in 3 powerful and foolproof steps

Step #1: Termite Inspection

Termite inspection is an inevitable step, that our experts utilize in order to achieve a termite free property. It gives our experts a clear idea of the extent of infestation that has taken place in the property. This information is necessary to target the right location, with the best remedy.

Step #2: Initial Treatment

Once the infested area in the property is identified, various treatment options are made available to the customer. We highly recommend applying controlling agent to live termites, as this remedy helps exterminate the termite’s destructive activity at the earliest.

Step #3: Treatment Plan

This is the final and most important step necessary to make your home, office or garden free from foraging termites. Our team with experience has become proficient in recommending the best suited termite management system that is based on various construction & environmental factors of your property and the location.

It’s important to remember that termites were able to infest your space as there was nothing to stop them. We suggest you to not repeat the same mistake and prevent future damage to your property due to these tiny creatures.