Termite Inspection? – Beware! Do not overlook these 5 places

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Damage caused due to termite infestation can be very inconvenient and expensive. Mud tubes, termite droppings and discarded wings are strong signs of infestation. And while inspecting for termites, it is imperative to not miss out on the following locations –

Termite Inspection? - Beware! Do not overlook these 5 places

Attic – Attics are often framed with wood & hence make a perfect home for termites.

Deck – If the wood used is not pressure treated, sealed, or painted well this can be the next best location for termites. Make sure to thoroughly inspect support beams, they often tend to go unnoticed.

Yard – Examine woodpiles and chips in your yard, they are secret homes to termites.

Basement – The basement is a cozy and an ideal home for termites, as it is protected with lots of support and provides easy access to the sub-flooring.

Crawlspace – Since this area does not have any flooring, the soil gives easy access for these mini – monsters to enter your home.

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