Were you aware of these noises in your Attic?

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As November arrives, just like humans even wild animals such as, squirrels, raccoons, bats, rats and birds prefer to stay indoors and warm. Well, this is the time when these wild animals quickly transform themselves into household pests and invade the attic for a comfortable living shelter.

Apart from causing damage to homes, these notorious pests significantly spread diseases and cause unhygienic conditions. Therefore, precautionary measures are a must. Well, not only the attic, but during winters, these wild animals make an entry even through narrow spaces and nest in garages and under porches.


Once they enter a property, they can cause substantial damage to wood and insulation by chewing it and making your home vulnerable to fire hazard. Therefore, the team of wildlife animal control services at Accurate Pest Control, San Antonio TX strongly recommends residents to hire professionals.


Remember, pest invasion can be easily prevented with the help of appropriate precautions. However, successful termination depends on how early the pest hiding in the attic is discovered in order to execute a customized extermination treatment. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of  those weird noises in the attic.

Never overlook these 5 Common Signs of Pests in the Attic

1. Scratching Noises

Majority of animals from the list mentioned above are highly active during the night. So, if you happen to hear some scratching noises especially overhead or from the walls or porch, it indicates that you have unwanted visitors. These noises clearly signify that wild pests must be living in the attic and using the walls to commute during their hunt for food and water.

2. Animal Droppings

Animal droppings are a strong evidence that proves the presence of pests in the property. If you come across any strange smell or some bizarre droppings, it’s a sign that your property has been intruded by some  pesky pest.

3. Nesting

Just like humans, these animals do all they can to stay warm during winters. They begin the arrangement as early as possible by creating nests out of twigs, pieces of cloth or paper.

4. Damage to Insulation

 Pests like rats and raccoons are famous for damaging insulation by shredding it with sharp teeth. As a result, these tiny pieces of insulation can be found in vents. You may also have trouble in keeping the temperatures indoor at the desired setting. Well, this happens when there is a lack of insulation. This is why it is wise to check your home for wild pests.

5. Missing architectural shingles and screens

When these wild pests intrude homes, they often mess around with the screens and shingles while making any entry way. So, if you find missing shingles or broken screens, this indicates the entry of nuisance pests in your property.

It is a fact that these pests can cause costly damages to the property. But the safe removal of these pests is equally important.