Workable Ideas for Pest Free Office Locations

Workable Ideas for Pest Free Office Locations

“Pest problems at office locations are quite common but cannot be ignored.” Research states that a pest infested workplace often causes distress and frustration amongst employees. Not only are these pests a threat to human health, but they also manage to impact productivity and performance of employees. Damage to office furniture, electrical equipment, and cables are a few other side effects in the list.

Perhaps, it is possible that initially, the trail of ants feasting on leftovers or itchy bites might not seem to be a big issue, but you would never understand when the situation can transform to a concern. The employer is responsible for creating a pest free and comfortable work environment.

Here are few ideas to reduce employee absenteeism and increase productivity by creating a hygienic environment–

Avoid Eating at Workstations

It is essential to have norms in place that strictly work towards not letting employees eat at their workstations. Even tiny bits and pieces of dropped, and unattended food can attract various pests. Make sure to have a nice cafeteria or eating area specified in the office location that is frequently cleaned by janitors. You can also implement various ways to encourage the use of kitchen area or break rooms.


We understand offices spaces contain a lot of files, stationery, and other items. Keeping in mind the ability of insects to camouflage and easily hide even in tiny space makes the process of extermination even trickier. To avoid this, it’s highly recommended to keep the office space organized.

Waste Management

To have pest free offices, it is very important to follow strict guidelines towards waste management. It is important to dispose of leftover food, or open cans of soft drink, chocolate wrappers and more immediately. Leaving edible waste unattended can rapidly invite pests like ants, cockroaches and more.


It should be a daily routine to clean and sanitize workstations. Doing so reduces the risk of ants or cockroaches being drawn towards the desk. Daily sanitization and weekly vacuum cleaning the premises can work very effectively.

Hire a Professional

It is totally fair to hire a pest extermination professional when you encounter pests. But when it is the question of office premises, go for a scheduled extermination process irrespective of spotting pests. This will help eliminate the chances of infestation in office areas.

As an experienced and reputable commercial pest control services in San Antonio, we guide organizations to hire professionals before the situation gets out of control.
So, if want a pest-free office, enroll for a pest control contract. This will ensure regular inspection and use of commercial pesticides to make a pest free zone.