Residential Pest Control Services in San Antonio, TX

Benefits of our Accurate Plus Plan

- Safe application of pesticides by trained professionals

Most pests are covered under this plan with the exception of seasonal invasions, wood destroying varieties and flying insects. The Accurate Plus Plan takes care of all your pest problems by inspecting and treating the following:

1. Interior baseboards, thresholds, window sills, attic*, plumbing penetrations and garage.

2. The outside perimeter of your home, eves,, shrubs and yard. Up to 50' From Main Structure

*This plan covers roaches, spiders, silverfish, centipedes, pillbugs, crickets, pantry pests, earwigs, ticks, wasps, fire ants and scorpions.

**An additional attic treatment will be applied for an additional cost.

Safe Pest Control

Accurate Pest Control uses child- and pet-friendly treatment methods so our customers can relax knowing they have made a safe choice.

How To Prevent Mice and Cockroaches from Entering Your Home:

  • Block entryways - small cracks and vents
  • Keep food in sealed containers.