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Blogs from April, 2018

Bed bug crawling on bedding

San Antonio is finally done with days of dropping temperatures. Spring has arrived, and we are sure that almost all of us here have some springtime vacation goals already on the list. So, if you have a travel agenda, chances of visiting a warm and tropical location are higher.

We all love to soak up in the sun and recharge ourselves to welcome summer. However, using public transport and stays at hotels or motels lead to high exposure of bed bugs. As professional exterminators in San Antonio, we are here with a few useful guidelines to prevent bed bugs from ruining your spring vacation.
Pests love spring too. Below mentioned springtime pest control tips will help you bring home warm memories and not bed bugs.

Inspect Hotel Rooms

Since bugs don’t leave any opportunity to get into your luggage or clothes; we highly recommend you check reviews of hotels beforehand. It is wise to keep your suitcases and travel bags outside the room, till the time you thoroughly confirm the room for any bed bug traces. Use a flashlight for better inspection.

Take Care Of Your Clothes

Bed bugs are experts in getting on your clothes or any other belonging. A few of their favorite places to hide is either below the mattress or the cupboards. So, its advised to keep your baggage away from the floor and the furniture. Instead, traveling with a portable luggage stand can be very helpful. Well, a bathtub or a shower stand can also be a feasible alternative.

Disinfect Your Luggage

Bed bugs are difficult to be noticed with the naked eye. Even if you did not come across even a single bed bug during your holiday, it’s important to sanitize your luggage. To do so, step one should include sealing of clothes and the travel baggage in plastic trash bags. This prevents the bugs from entering.

The next step should include keeping the suitcase in the bathtub and empty the clothes in the dryer on the hottest setting for about an hour. This process will kill any hidden bugs. After this, a normal cleaning routine can be followed.

Hire Pest Control Services

Even after so many efforts if you still happen to spot bed bugs that have followed you home. The best step is to reach out to experts and get the problem solved before it turns out into a massive bed bug infestation.

To find the most reliable pest management company, you can also refer our blog on Tips on Finding a Pest Management Professional and invest your money for best results.