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Pest Exclusion Serving San Antonio Since 1990

San Antonio Pest Exclusion 

The team at Accurate Pest Control is proud of the thorough work we do in cleaning out infestations. We’re even prouder of the work we do to prevent infestations from happening in the first place. Good preventive measures can give property owners considerable peace of mind, and potentially save them money over the long run. 

Our pest exclusion pros serve businesses and residences in San Antonio and the surrounding area. Call (726) 268-5733 or contact us online today and ask for a free estimate.

The Benefits of Pest Exclusion Strategies 

Business owners and homeowners can reap several benefits from preventive pest control efforts, including these: 

Protecting Property and Inventory

Implementing pest exclusion measures may help safeguard your physical assets. Rodents, insects, and other pests can cause extensive damage to structures, equipment, and inventory, potentially leading to costly repairs and replacements. 

Protecting Health and Safety

Pests carry various pathogens that can contaminate surfaces, food products, and storage areas, thus risking serious health hazards. Implementing our pest exclusion strategies contributes to creating a healthier and safer environment.

Protecting Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses are subject to strict regulations and standards regarding hygiene and pest control. Adhering to these regulations is necessary for avoiding fines, legal consequences, and potential closure due to health code violations. By employing effective pest exclusion strategies, businesses can demonstrate compliance with industry-specific requirements, ensuring that they operate within legal parameters.

Protecting Brand Reputation

A pest infestation can significantly damage a business's reputation. Reports of pests on the premises can lead to negative publicity, loss of customer trust, and a decline in sales. Employing pest exclusion tactics can not only prevent infestations but also showcase a commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and professionalism. 

Long-Term Sustainability

Pest exclusion for San Antonio businesses and homeowners is an ongoing commitment. By consistently implementing exclusion measures, you can establish a foundation for long-term sustainability. 

The Importance of Pest Exclusion 

Nature is wonderfully diverse, but a part of that diversity is that different pests bring their own set of risks. 

We help property owners work on preventing infestations that include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Ants: These infestations can contaminate food, cause structural damage, and be a nuisance in residential and commercial spaces.
  • Bed bugs: They can lead to itchy bites, allergic reactions, and significant psychological distress, impacting your comfort and well-being.
  • Bees: While beneficial to the ecosystem, bee infestations near human activity can pose stinging hazards, especially for those allergic to bee venom.
  • Beetles: Certain beetle species can damage stored food products, wood structures, and fabrics, leading to expensive repairs and losses.
  • Carpenter ants: These pests can cause extensive damage to wooden structures, compromising the integrity of buildings.
  • Centipedes: Their presence can be alarming and unsettling, causing discomfort and fear, particularly in indoor environments.
  • Cockroaches: These creatures may present significant health risks, due to their potential to spread diseases and trigger allergic reactions.
  • Crickets: While generally harmless, crickets' chirping and presence indoors can disrupt peace and quiet, affecting the comfort of occupants.
  • Mosquitoes: In addition to being a nuisance, mosquitoes are vectors for various diseases.
  • Raccoons: Raccoons can damage property, create messes, and transmit diseases, necessitating their exclusion from residential and commercial areas.
  • Rodents: Mice, rates, and other rodents can contaminate food, spread diseases, and cause structural damage.
  • Scorpions: Their venomous sting presents a serious threat, especially to individuals with allergies or compromised immune systems.
  • Termites: These infestations can cause extensive and costly damage to your wood, potentially threatening your property. 
  • Ticks: They are vectors for various diseases, and your pets can be uniquely vulnerable. 
  • Wasps: Nests near human activity areas can lead to painful stings and allergic reactions.
  • Wildlife: Keeping out raccoons, skunks, and bats, is an important part of preventing property damage, disease transmission, and conflicts between wildlife and human populations.
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Hear From Our Happy Customers Reviews & Testimonials
  • "Highly Recommend"

    I have always been impressed with Accurate Pest Control.

    Joy H.
  • "Honest & Reliable"

    I'm really happy with this Company! Also, received better pricing!

    Michelle S.
  • "Highly Recommend"

    I’ve used them for years as my regular pest co.

    Carol B.
  • "Very Satisfied"

    Since they have been coming to spray I have not seen any bugs in my home.

    Michele S.
  • "Very Professional"

    Highly recommend as I have used many different companies over the years and Accurate is great at all the things the other companies were not!

    Ryan P.
  • "Super Courteous"

    We've been customers for about 2 years now and would never think of going anywhere else.

    Kat G.
  • "Very Professional"

    I am happy to say the wasps have moved on, and so have the spiders who were trying to put webs everywhere around my outside.

    Mark H.
  • "Excellent Service"

    We also used them to rodent-proof our house and they did an excellent job.


Our Pest Exclusion Methods

Three effective methods for pest exclusion are wildlife doors, flashing, and commercial caulk. Accurate Pest Control relies on all three: 

Wildlife Doors

Wildlife doors, also known as one-way exclusion doors, are designed to allow animals to exit a building but prevent them from re-entering. These doors are commonly used for the humane removal of wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, and bats. 

The design of these doors ensures that once the animal leaves, the door closes behind it, effectively excluding it from returning. Wildlife doors are an ethical and effective method for managing wildlife infestations without causing harm to the animals.


Flashing is a key component in pest exclusion, especially for small entry points such as gaps around roof edges, vents, and windows. It involves installing metal or vinyl strips to cover gaps and crevices where pests could potentially enter. 

Flashing acts as a barrier, preventing pests from finding their way into the building through vulnerable openings. Properly installed flashing enhances the structural integrity of the building while effectively excluding pests.

Commercial Caulk

Commercial-grade caulking materials are essential for sealing gaps, cracks, and joints in a building's exterior. High-quality commercial caulk provides a durable, weather-resistant seal that prevents pests from infiltrating the building. By meticulously applying commercial caulk to potential entry points, such as utility penetrations and pipe openings, we aim to significantly reduce the risk of pest intrusion and maintain a secure environment.

Experienced Pest Exclusion in San Antonio 

Accurate Pest Control has served both commercial and residential property owners in the broader San Antonio area since 1990. Over the years, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built and the good customer reviews we’ve earned. 

Our bilingual team serves both English and Spanish-speaking clients. Call (726) 268-5733 today. Ask about same-day service.

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