Bed Bug Exterminators in San Antonio

How To Spot a Bed Bug

Bed bugs are normally nocturnal, which makes spotting them even harder. They can be found alone, although once they've gotten settled into wherever they want, they can reproduce at a very rapid pace.

Signs You May Have Bed Bugs

Bite Marks - They typically come in batches of three. Bare areas of your skin are typically the first places a bed bug will go as they don’t like hair. Symptoms are different, but usually you’ll notice inflamed blisters on your skin or sometimes have an allergic reaction.

Blood Spots on Your Sheets - As a result of these blood-sucking insects, you may find small blood marks on your sheets when you wake up. This is because as you are sleeping, they are fully awake and feeding.

Feces - These may be small brown spots found around your home or your bed.

Molted Skins - Before maturity, most bed bugs will molt and shed their skin 5 to 6 times. These molts are the same size as their original owners, so look for them scattered about.

Bed Bug Removal & Treatment

Bed bugs are small in size, but they can produce an annoying bite. They can travel to any part of a building and hide in small spaces. Sometimes these bugs will travel from a hotel to your home. If you desire a good night's rest without sleeping with bed bugs, then you will need to make sure that you have a qualified pest control company available to eradicate these bugs from your bed, home or business.