Termite Extermination in San Antonio

Termidor Research and Studies

New Research Provides First-of-its-Kind Documentation of both Horizontal and Vertical Fipronil Transfer within Termite Colony. Dr. Xing Ping Hu of Auburn University debuts groundbreaking video footage, research findings at 2006 National Conference on Urban Entomology RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC (MAY 22, 2006) – For the first time today, members of the pest management industry were presented video documentation and research results of lethal fipronil transfer among termites, both horizontal (worker to worker) and never-before-documented vertical transfer (worker to reproductive) within functional colonies in a simulated natural setting. Presented as part of a larger study of termite behavior and management conducted by Dr. Xing Ping Hu of Auburn University, this footage vividly captures termite behavior within functional colonies including tunneling and foraging into undetectable Termidor-treated soil and the transfer of fipronil, the active ingredient in Termidor® insecticide/termiticide. Termidor, America’s #1 termite defense product, is manufactured by BASF—the Chemical Company.