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Blogs from August, 2018

Cockroaches in a restaurant kitchen

Besides being creepy-looking, cockroaches are also harbingers of unhealthy living conditions and carriers of several serious diseases ranging from food poisoning to typhoid. It is never a good idea to have cockroaches scurrying about freely in your home. If this happens, it could indicate roach infestation, which, if left unattended, could swiftly spiral into a major cause for health concern. Therefore, it is important you recognize the signs that could indicate a roach infestation problem, allowing you to take preventive measures before the problem goes out of control.

Warning signs to watch for:

Cockroaches in the daytime: Cockroaches dislike light and, being nocturnal creatures, are most active during the night. So, if you happen to find roaches active during the daytime, it is a telltale sign that your home is likely infested with cockroaches. If this happens, and you live in or around San Antonio, consult an expert who specializes in residential pest control services in San Antonio immediately.

Spotting dead cockroaches: A dead roach or two doesn’t usually raise the alarm. But if you spot dead roaches frequently, you can be sure there are healthy ones too that are inhabiting your home. You can’t see them since they are experts at concealing themselves. Frequent dead roaches should indicate a roach infestation problem and be reason enough to call in the experts.

Finding shell casings: Cockroaches are remarkable at reproduction, and eggs are enclosed within a cylindrical dark-brown casing. If you find these or casings that are open (indicating eggs have already hatched), means the cockroach menace just got bigger. You can be sure that you now have a roach infestation problem.

Finding cockroach feces: This sign may not be as noticeable as the others, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Cockroach feces, also called pellet specks, closely resemble ground pepper grains. While this can be easily overlooked, don’t forget to seek professional pest control help if you do happen to find these in your home.

Smelling a putrid scent: Cockroaches emit a peculiar odor that only increases as these creatures multiply. A constant putrid smell that gradually grows stronger is indicative of a roach infestation problem. Inhaling this air is also harmful and could lead to serious health conditions in the long term.

If you have encountered one or more of the warning signs above, you can be sure your home is infested with roaches. We are a trusted and premier provider of residential pest control services in San Antonio, so call us today before the problem reaches alarming proportions.