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Blogs from July, 2018

Cockroach on the floor

The moment you hear the word cockroach, it’s enough to get you petrified. Often associated with dirt and filth, these species are fast transporters of diseases. Well, there are many facts associated with cockroaches. Fact number one is that they love sweets. But that does not limit their intake. Research proves that cockroaches can eat almost everything. Right from chips, cake, leather, wallpaper, glue, feces, and more. Even more dreadful is the fact that these ugly-looking creatures can survive without food for quite a reasonable amount of time.

Another lesser known fact is that cockroaches are a species who love moderate temperatures. During summers, when you are busy soaking up the sun outdoors, there are high chances that they might easily find a way in your abode.

Why Does The Cockroach Population Increase During Summers?

Cockroaches and their love for summer are inseparable. As exterminators based out of San Antonio, we get an increased number of calls and inquiries for roach pest control during this time.  As mentioned earlier, cockroaches love heat. Besides that, the warmer months are a suitable breeding season for them. When temperatures rise, it helps increase the metabolic rate of roaches and supports faster growth. This is the primary reason why we see a lot of them from  June to September.

Very similar to other pest species, cockroaches prefer hibernating during the daytime and find it very comfortable to crawl around during warm nights hunting for food and water. We know that it is not uncommon to spot them around damper areas, like the bathroom or under the sink. As it is difficult for them to find water and food supplies outside when the climate is hot and dry.

Understand How They Manage To Sneak In

When the temperature begins to get hot, cockroaches start hunting for tiny spaces that can let them in your home. Gaps around pipes, windows, doors, and other secret entrances can be very helpful. Remember,  even large cockroaches can squeeze in easily through narrow openings.

The Solution

Controlling the roach population can be difficult. Well, there are various tips like –

  • Keeping the house clean and dry
  • Keeping food items well-sealed and packed
  • Controlling moisture by repairing any leakages
  • Sealing gaps and cracks

But all of these are preventive measures. If you want to control the already dominant population at your home, there is no better solution than hiring a home pest control team. The extermination specialists are experts and use comprehensive and safe techniques to end the cockroach invasion.