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Blogs from December, 2019

squirrel on roof

Out of the blue, it is one of the cutest sights to watch a squirrel’s sprinting in your garden, eating nuts, and jumping around from one corner to another. What damage could an adorable, innocent squirrel do in your attic? Well, these notorious creatures can cause tremendous havoc if found in your attics. They mostly live in attics of your homes because it offers them a cozy, comfy shelter, where they can gnaw on boards and electrical wires. And the more serious trouble arises from nesting adult females. They regularly build their nests near openings, such as an unscreened vent or loose or decomposed trim boards. Did you know squirrels have been identified to gang up and attack much larger animals? Yes, you heard that right! Squirrels in Russia killed a huge Rottweiler that continuously barked at them and carried off pieces of its flesh. Also, they can tear up insulation, leave feces and urine everywhere, chew through sheetrock, and damage cables and wiring. But, now you need not fret as Accurate Pest Control is at your rescue! Our experts offer you steadfast wildlife animal control in San Antonio that take necessary steps in identifying the main causes and thereby providing compulsory measures to prevent squirrels from entering your home.

Outlined below are ways to seal off your attic so squirrels can’t access it!

Seal Access Points

Once you know precisely where all entry points are, you can seal them correctly. Spongy, rotted wood is easier for a squirrel to chew through and make a mess. Be sure to fix any broken or loose eaves and siding. Look closely at utility lines and cables running into your home and seal around them to protect against entry.

Inspect Nearby Trees

Inspect your home for any nearby trees or branches that hang over your roof. Opt to either remove trees or have limbs trimmed way back. Trees and limbs situated close to your roof give access to squirrels in your attic.

Look For Openings

You should cautiously inspect the outside of your home for any holes or other entry points. If you know there is a squirrel living your attic, watch carefully throughout the day to see where it comes in and out. Make a note of the entry point so you know what to do to prevent further entry.

Inspect The Interior

Look into the attic and inspect for signs of light coming in. Anywhere you see sunlight coming in is a place where a squirrel can gain access to your attic. You will have to seal up those entry points immediately and not wait for them to multiply.

Important Instruction

If you think there is a squirrel already in your attic, do not seal. You are likely to trap a squirrel inside or you may trap a mother squirrel outside with her young ones still in the attic. Instead, call wildlife control in San Antonio professionals to help you secure your attic and apt removal of squirrels before you seal it.

If you are worried about squirrels entering your home and looking for quick assistance to seal off your attic then call Accurate Pest Control NOW!