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Blogs from May, 2019

black legged tick

Ticks and fleas are commonly found Ectoparasites, commonly seen on dogs and cats. As a pet owner, you are more at risk for a flea and/or tick infestation as your pet is likely to carry them into your home from the outdoors.  But be warned – some ticks can even infest dogs that spend most of their time inside the house. Ticks attach to a dog’s skin by their mouth, producing a sticky substance that helps them cling onto the skin. Consequently, these pests pose a risk not only for pet owners, but also for the pet they attach to. Fleas and ticks can make their way into a home in other ways, such as through fabric or fur. Once they are inside your home, they are difficult to remove as they live up to 100 days or more without a host. Furthermore, adult ticks can survive up to three years without a blood meal.

Can Ticks Harm Humans?

Ticks can harm humans as they carry diseases that pose a serious threat. Once attacked, a person’s  skin will often become red and irritated where the tick attaches to the body. Ticks that transmit diseases to dogs can also infect humans with the same type of diseases. Pets carry ticks into the house, increasing the risk of tick-borne diseases. Once indoors, ticks and fleas can rapidly spread as they lay eggs quickly, leading to rapid infestation. Ticks and fleas are potentially active in warm weather and can cause a variety of hazardous diseases such as Lyme disease, Tularemia, tick paralysis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which is commonly shown on dogs but can impact humans as well.

While ticks do pose a threat, it is important to remember not to blame or punish your dog for an infestation or pest-related illness. In fact, both human and dogs are at risk when they come in contact with these pests, while playing in most types of grass. Pet owners should keep a check on their dogs to avoid tick infestation by using tick control products to fully enjoy the outdoors.

Tick Exterminator In San Antonio

Since ticks and fleas can breed quickly in your home, it is advisable to contact pest control experts to get rid of them. Tick control must be practiced consistently in order to keep your home safe for both pets and pet owners. If your family experiences problems that are caused by ticks, contact Accurate Pest Control right away. We will ensure tick infestation is taken care of with the best tick exterminator in San Antonio. They will help you remove ticks and tick larvae, thus preventing ticks from returning. Contact us for professional tick control services.