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Blogs from August, 2020

bed bug crawling on skin biting

It is correctly said that deterrence is better than cure! But it gets challenging with pests that can sneak in your homes at any time without you knowing. And bed bugs in San Antonio are no exception! They can enter your home with luggage, bags, clothes, furniture and other things. Many people go through this tragic situation of having bed bugs thriving in their homes.

Sometimes, by the time you find one or two in your bed, they have already multiplied in numbers. Under such circumstances, until you get professional help on hand, you think of dealing with it all by yourself with the most popular DIY methods that can be easily accessed over the internet today. But have you given it a thought? Do they actually work? Well, we at Accurate Pest Control are going to be debunking things that you may be considering as an option.

We believe that DIY bed bug traps are inefficient because most bed bugs thrive in mattresses. And one cannot place a trap on the mattress to catch bed bugs. Traps must be used only as a part of the extensive treatment plan. We are the certified highest-rated bed bug exterminator in San Antonio, having experience for decades, and can tell you that bed bug traps are ideal for monitoring the infestation but cannot be used as a lasting resolution. Below are a few key indicators as to why traps can’t be a permanent solution.

  • Bed bug traps can reduce the number of bites, but they’re unable to catch bed bugs from the mattresses, they only pick the ones across your room.
  • A trap does not include a bug killer to destroy bugs. But when you use a bug killer, it can deter bed bugs. 
  • Attractants, glue, or other materials used in bed bug traps need to be replaced eventually.
  • Since bed bug traps don’t catch bugs from mattresses, there might be some blooming without your knowledge, which the trap can’t tell you. 
  • Bed bug traps can be of no effect if your home is severely infested. 

How Fast Bed Bug Traps Work?

Depending on the infestation, the traps work towards clearing the bugs gradually. The process takes time, and you can’t get rid of them immediately. Whether the traps work or not these tiny blood-sucking pests will still bite you anyway.

Using traps is a good idea, but only in combination with other control methods. Insect repellents and natural sprays are effective ways to kill bed bugs. But for monitoring infestations and preventing them beforehand, traps are ideal. One of the best ways to completely wipe out the bed bugs is heat treatment. Other than that, hiring licensed experts from Accurate Pest Control can be another excellent choice instead of doing it yourself. 

To learn more about the DIY bed bug traps, Contact Accurate Pest Control today!