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Blogs from July, 2020

house centipede on a windowsill

Centipedes are long; they have 15 or more pairs of legs, which grow to more than an inch long, they move very quickly on the ground and survive in high humidity areas. House centipedes are the most commonly found species in San Antonio. Being nocturnal creatures, they are hard to find, and an infestation goes unnoticed. They are mostly found moving around drains, bathtubs, between cracks and crevices where humidity is in high concentration. They are predators and eat living organisms or smaller insects.

Infestation identification: The presence of other pests such as ants and spiders is the main cause of concern. Centipedes feed on such pests and their presence is an alarm for multiple infestations occurring at the same time. If you notice centipedes or other pests, you must call a professional pest control company as soon as possible.

Since centipedes are nocturnal, their activities during the night are high. It is possible to see or feel them crawl on your body at night. Sometimes you might also wake up with bite marks. Usually, the marks consist of two puncture marks on the skin, which would be swollen as the centipede bite contains venom. However, house centipede rarely bites humans. Usually, they enter the houses during winters where the indoor temperatures are relatively more favorable. Centipede’s infestation commonly infests homes during winters but this can also occur at any time of the year.

Extermination of centipedes: Centipedes love messy areas of the house. They are most likely to be found in bathrooms, cabinets, and pantries where food is rotting or molding occurs. Ensuring the garbage is taken out regularly, and all surfaces are wiped clean and decluttered is the easiest home deterrent for most pests. Keeping your house dry and the use of a dehumidifier will sometimes keep them away, though this is a home remedy and not scientifically proven. Usually, house centipedes find entry into homes through cracks and crevices. Sealing the window crevices and cracks in the walls or baseboards will help keep them outside.

Using a glue-based trap will capture bugs, ants, and centipedes when they walk over it. Putting a sticky trap near the bottom of the sink or bathtub will help. Spotting a couple of centipedes means there is a large house infestation occurring. Remember not to use store-bought pesticides as they can cause nervous system damage to humans and also cause paralysis and death if used incorrectly. It is advised to not to kill centipedes and instead call a professional pest control company to handle large infestations and for complete removal

A house centipede is a very annoying and disgusting pest to encounter. If you have noticed house centipedes in your home, it is a clear indication that you have other underlying issues. If you need pest control in San Antonio, you should call Accurate Pest Control customer service for professional home pest control. We have trained experts who are licensed to eliminate the worst of infestations of house pests like centipedes and other pests. Give us a call today for a free quote or any other pest control services and information you require.