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Blogs from October, 2020

cricket on a rock

There are three types of crickets commonly found in the United States:

  1. Camel crickets
  2. House crickets
  3. Field crickets

All crickets once inside your home, are known to feed on fabrics such as Cotton, Silk, Wool, Fur & Linen.

So Are Crickets Harmful? Our Answer Is Yes! 

Firstly, if you have a cricket infestation outside your home, remember one thing; they never stop singing their chirpy song. This never-ending humming noise coming from the exterior of your home is going to drive you crazy, and eventually, you’ll end up seeing a shrink.

Secondly, crickets are notorious vegetarians and are known to devour fields within hours. If you have a lush green backyard lawn or a lovely pruned carpet of grass at your porch; an infestation of just a few 1000 crickets is going to cause you severe monetary damage when they are hungry.

Thirdly crickets are a food festival for other giant predator animals, reptiles and birds like Salamanders, Snakes, frogs, toads, rats, bats, shrews, mice, and insect-eating birds.

Now picture this? A few hundred crickets basking on your lawn and a wide variety of predatory animals, reptiles, or birds stalking them, and you are trying to enter your home. This sure makes a worthy scene straight from Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

Do you want such an incident happening with you or your kids while they play in the lawn or backyard? No right? Accurate pest control provides a wide range of pest control services for San Antonio, Texas individuals and businesses that are facing a cricket infestation. 

Preventing Those Pesky Crickets

  1. To temporarily control these pests, you can place sticky traps around your home or near doors, windows, and other crawl spaces.
  2. You can prune your lawn and dispose of the trimmings before it attracts crickets and other insects. 
  3. Seal cracks, gaps near the window-frames, doors, and other points of entry.
  4. Clean out cardboard boxes, piles of paper, and other food-soiled garments or fabrics.
  5. Keep a pet cat; they are an excellent defense against crickets.

Remember, crickets attract other predators, so keep your kids away from the lawn until you have called a professional pest control company such as Accurate pest control. Similarly, don’t let these tiny pests hamper your sleep at night, causing you to feel sluggish at work. 

Protect Your Home With Accurate Pest Control

Call us if you fear having crickets in the vicinity. We are a licensed pest control company, and our cricket exterminator services are the most called upon pest control service in San Antonio, Texas.