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Blogs from July, 2021

scorpion crawling in the dirt

Do you know that scorpions were around long before the first dinosaurs? Did you know roughly 2000 different species of scorpions live globally, and most of them are poisonous? One of the most potentially risky species in the United States is the bark scorpion. Nevertheless, only about 25-40 species are toxic enough to cause severe damage to humans. It’s reasonable to fear scorpions. Their most characteristic features are pincer-like pedipalps and a stinging tail. Some species are even known to swing the tail towards their prey at 50 inches per second. Most of these conceivably deadly scorpions cannot kill healthy adults, but the lives of children and the aged are at high risk. The neurotoxins released by these critters can cause such troubling symptoms as seizures and shortness of breath.

Accurate Pest Control in San Antonio has outlined four things that scorpions are attracted to:

1. Scorpions like darkness

Like many other crawly insects, scorpions also love hiding in dark places and are indeed nocturnal pests. They are primarily active at night to preserve water, regulate body temperature, and catch their prey. Basements are hot spots for scorpion activity, but scorpions will travel all over the home searching for dark corners. Since scorpions glow in the dark, you can use a black light for hunting for them at night. When a black light hits a scorpion, the proteins on its exoskeleton produce a vivid blue tinge.

2. Moisture attracts scorpions

It’s a fact that each insect/animal requires water to stay alive, and scorpions are no exception. During hot summer days, they usually sneak into homes in search of water. Hence, these pests easily find their way inside homes through drain pipes or plumbing systems and end up being found in the kitchen or restrooms.

3. Scorpions hide in between rotten logs and leaves.

Scorpions are more likely to be outdoors than in your home, especially if there are piles of rotten logs and leaves in your backyard. Scorpions love to lurk under soggy logs, bark, foliage, hay, and mulch. To diminish scorpion infestation, remove any rotting debris out of your yard.

4. Scorpions snack on other insects as food

Scorpions usually feed on insects such as spiders, centipedes, and other scorpions. But if a scorpion finds a good source for their prey, they will hang around or possibly increase in number. Scorpions use their poison to make their prey motionless before killing them.

Some species of scorpions carry poisonous toxins with them, so the last thing you’d want is to attract them into your home and jeopardize your family’s life. If you’re going to take preventative steps or have already found scorpions in your home, contact our pest control experts in San Antonio, Texas, now. We make it a priority to safeguard your home/property from scorpions.

Have you seen scorpions around your home or property? Call Accurate Pest Control in San Antonio; we will take care of the problem.

We’ve been providing pest control treatments in San Antonio, Texas, for 30 years and are well-suited to handle native scorpions easily.