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Blogs from February, 2022

black rat snake tasting the air

Snakes love the warm Texan weather. It would be best to be cautious of dangerous and venomous snakes found in Texas, as the climate here is suitable for them all year long. There are mainly four venomous snakes commonly found in Texas:

  • The Copperhead
  • Rattlesnake
  • Coral snake and 
  • Cottonmouth snake.

The COVID-19 lockdowns and isolation of human activity have increased the population of snakes in San Antonio. Similarly, the city’s unprecedented growth and increased rains have given rise to snake bites and snake encounters.

Months When Snake Bites Are Most Frequent

Snake bites occur more frequently from April to October due to the clash of favorable spring and summer seasons alongside the vacation season of Texans. 

Wildlife experts in San Antonio and countless other snake lovers claim, “Unless provoked; snakes are absolutely harmless.”Try telling this to a person who gets the chills when they encounter one. 

Accurate Pest Control’s Recommendation

We advise everyone to stay clear of a snake they cannot recognize. Venomous or not, snakes are dangerous and highly unpredictable. 

Importance Of Snakes

Snakes control the rodent population and maintain a food chain balance. Snakes are also an integral part of the regional Texas ecosystem, as they reduce the population of rodents and other pests. However, snakes, too, can cause a menace to homeowners in San Antonio.

What To Do If You Encounter A Snake?

If you inadvertently come near a snake, it’s best to move to a safe distance away from the striking range. However, you should seek medical assistance at the earliest if you or someone gets bitten by a snake. Try not to drive as venom can cause dizziness and even paralysis. Similarly, avoid doing the following:

  • Don’t apply a heat pack to the bite area.
  • Don’t cut or suck the venom from the bite area.
  • Irrespective of the species, ensure to take all snake bites seriously.

How To Keep Snakes Away From Home

There are no repellents to keep snakes away from your homes. To reduce the possibility of snakes entering or taking shelter around your home, get rid of the pests that attract them to your homes—the most common being mice. 

Removing shrubs and debris and mowing the lawn can help keep snakes away from your garden. Ensure you do these activities cautiously, as snakes are possibly hiding here.

What to Do When Out Camping Or Trail Walking

If you are out camping or on a trail, ensure to use designated camping areas and trails that are well maintained. Wear leather footwear and protective clothing. Avoid putting your hand into caves, holes, or anthills, as these are the usual hideouts of snakes.
Whatever the snake species, our wildlife animal control experts in San Antonio will ensure the snake is removed from your home most professionally and humanely. They will also identify entry and exit points that need to be sealed to avoid re-entry of reptiles.
Accurate Pest Control possesses the highest reputation and rating as a professional pest control service provider in San Antonio. We provide pest control services for rodents, snakes, bugs, mosquitoes, wasps, and ants. Similarly, we provide commercial pest control services to protect clients’ inventories, products, and reputations. Visit our website for more information on our services today.