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Blogs from March, 2022

Carpenter ant control

Are ants bothering you despite your best efforts to keep them at bay? Perhaps you have ensured that no food crumbs are left in your kitchen, bedroom, or any other areas in your home. Nonetheless, they continue to arrive. Food is not the only reason they have infiltrated your house. Ants are renowned for being excellent hunters, not just for food but also for other reasons. In this article, we will look into these additional factors so that you may better comprehend ants. With Accurate Pest Control’s exterminator in San Antonio, you will be able to protect yourself and your home from ants plundering as you learn more about them.

1. You Have Ants That Eat Decaying Wood.

Do you live in a wooden building, or do you have wood carpentry in your home? The answer is most certainly YES because most dwellings have some timber construction surrounding and within them. Carpenter ants acquire their name from the fact that they scrape wood to construct their nests. Carpenter ants typically eat decaying wood,  so it is critical to identify the ants you’re dealing with appropriately. Carpenter ants cause potential degradation in house construction, causing severe property damage to homes and other buildings. Our exterminator in San Antonio can provide solutions to eliminate ants from your home.

2. Ants Are On The Lookout For Food.

Ants, like other insects, require a food supply. Many of the ant species found in San Antonio are drawn to sweet, sugary, and starchy items that are often found in kitchen pantries. These things can attract ants into your house, especially if they are kept in containers that aren’t entirely sealed or can be chewed through, such as paper sacks of sugar or plastic cereal bags.

3. Ants Require Protection From Extreme Weather

Another significant reason your house may appeal to ants is that it provides protection from extreme heat or cold. Whether your ant infestation arose overnight, consider if there is a link between it and recent weather events such as floods, heatwaves, or frost.

4. Ants Are Hunting For A Water Source.

Like all living things, Ants are thirsty critters who are always looking for readily available water supplies. In or near your property, any standing water may attract ants, making it simpler for them to settle. Ants, like humans, require moisture to survive. If water is no longer accessible in their colonies, they will seek out other locations where they may obtain new supplies. That is why ants will be drawn to high humidity levels in your home, even if there is no food nearby.

For Professional Ant Treatment, Consider Accurate Pest Control Exterminators In San Antonio.

Following various ant prevention measures and DIYs will help reduce your likelihood of ant infestation, but they cannot ensure that your house will always be ant-free. Accurate Pest Control can assist you in dealing with a severe infestation because trying to get rid of ants on your own might be difficult. San Antonio is home to a diverse range of ant species, and no one single ant treatment is effective for all species. Our ant exterminator in San Antonio can identify the kind of ants you’re dealing with and create a customized home pest control program to rid your home of pests.

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