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Blogs from November, 2022

Dark rat near a rock wall

If you own a home in San Antonio, TX then rodent infestation is common and can occur anytime. Rodents, especially rats, carry a wide range of diseases that are harmful to humans. Unless handled properly, rat or mouse infestations can quickly turn into a nightmare. Additionally, your family’s health will be at risk since they will be exposed to contagious diseases, parasites, and viruses.

Old homes are more susceptible to rodent infestation. Here are four important things you must avoid if you want your home to be free from rat infestation.

Check For Poor Sanitation Issues

A possible reason for a rat or rodent infestation could be a result of poor sanitation. Poor sanitation can lead to rats and mice having easy access to water sources in your home, encouraging them to move in and create a nest.

If Your Home is Unhygienic

Rats, mice, or any rodents, are generally nestled and associated with unhygienic spaces. So if you keep your home, especially your kitchen, untidy, there are high chances of rats infestation. Waste and food particles should be disposed of in a garbage bin. Food attracts rodents to your kitchen. They will feast on scattered food particles and invade your home more if they find scattered food particles everywhere.

An untidy kitchen will also increase the risk of food poisoning and other food-borne diseases for you and your family.

Scattered Bird Feeding Items

It is common for rodents to feed on bird feeders. Other food items like lentils and grains leave a residue that attracts rodents. Similarly, if your home is surrounded by trees, keep the area clean as the nuts and fruits that fall from them attract several rodents such as rats and mice

Open Water Sources

Additionally, rodents require a continuous water source to survive, so they are attracted to water sources. Keep your pet’s open water bowl covered and change the water daily. If you have a pool, keep it clean to prevent infestations.

How Accurate Pest Control Can Help?

Exterminators who specialize in mouse and rat control combine bait stations with traps for effective control. Rodenticide is stored inside a closed box, commonly made of plastic, called a bait station. In spite of the fact that the poison is hidden, it is quite effective in killing rats and is completely safe for humans and animals. Moreover, the professional pest control company has several approved solutions to keep your home safe as well as pest free!

The Conclusion

Rodents are harmful, especially rats and mice! We must take extra measures to avoid their infestation. If you feel your home is infested with rodents, then connect with a professional pest control company in San Antonio. It is essential to get professional help for rapid infestation control.