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Blogs from September, 2022

Black rat snake sunning itself on a rock

When it comes to snake infestation, we as humans get scared as it is not a friendly species; rather, venomous snakes are quite harmful to human society and can even cause death. Although many people keep snakes as pets, there is a certain mythological belief associated with snakes across religions, which makes it a sacred species in some cases. Even a lot of people prefer snake tattoos on their skin which have a certain significance. But there are people who fear snakes, and the sight of them is enough to scare them. Snake infestation in your home is dangerous.

Most people love seeing a snake at the zoo but never want it in their home, except those who love befriending and raising it as a pet. It is quite a scary experience as the snake infestation always puts your life at risk. If you suspect that snakes are infesting your property, then it is high time to call pest control services in San Antonio, Texas and get rid of them. It is important to know why infestation occurs and what are the precautionary measures you can take. Let’s see the reasons behind it.

  • Snakes generally prefer cold and damp places. A dark and damp place is ideal for comfortably laying eggs. So, in hot summer, when the temperature is rising, and it’s getting drier, the snake usually starts to migrate and search for comparatively cold and damp places. Your home can be the ideal spot, especially the less used corners and places like the attic, cellar or basement. These places are comparatively colder than the outside temperature and dark due to the absence of sunlight. Furthermore, we typically use it less than other areas, so snakes find it quite comfortable to breed and lay eggs.
  • Like any other animal or reptile, snakes tend to lay eggs in a quiet and safer place away from perils like harsh weather or animal attack, or even human invasion. So they search for places which are safe, dark, and away from direct sunlight and animal attack. That is why there is a tendency for them to select places like the basement or attic as these are quiet places with less human commotion. In that case, cleaning those places at least once a week or twice a month is essential to get rid of a snake infestation. In case you suspect a snake, call experts from Accurate Pest Control to get professional wildlife control.
  • Damp places like bathroom corners or behind kitchen sinks that are not cleaned regularly can be the ideal place for snakes to start a habitat. So during summer, it’s better to keep an eye on all these corners to avoid snake infestation.


Snake infestation is a common issue during summer, but proper knowledge and care can help avoid unwanted consequences. Accurate Pest Control experts can clarify any further questions you may have about snake infestations.