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Blogs from December, 2023

raccoon on a tree

Like many wildlife creatures, raccoons are resourceful and cunning. These little creatures have human-like hands that each have five fingers, allowing them to easily grab hold of any object, which enables them to be extra destructive when they come onto your property. 

Our professional San Antonio raccoon removal experts at Accurate Pest Control know first-hand how frustrating and scary it can be to see raccoons lurking around your home. We have spent years devising the best ways to keep these destructive and dangerous wildlife creatures away from San Antonio properties. Here is a closer look at why you don't want raccoons hanging around your home and what to do about it if you do see one of these creatures on your property. 

Detecting Racoon Presence: Signs Of Raccoon Activity

Raccoons are stealthy creatures that are nocturnal, which means that they are most active at night. Unless you are lucky enough to spot these elusive creatures lurking around your home in the dark, you will need to look for some of the common signs that they are known to leave behind.  When our raccoon removal service experts inspect a home, they usually find these raccoon signs:

  • Raccoon droppings look like small, cylindrical feces dark in color.
  • Finding small five-toed footprints around your property. 
  • Noticing torn shingles, holes in the siding, and other damage caused to the exterior of the house. 
  • Seeing gnaw marks on fallen fruit and damage to vegetable gardens.

Raccoons are omnivores that eat meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. There is almost no food that is off-limits to a raccoon. Many times, when they are looking for a meal, they will knock over trash cans and tear into the trash bags, leaving a trail of garbage in your yard. If you find any of these signs, a professional raccoon pest control company can help you determine exactly which pest left the clues around your property. 

Raccoon Damage To Property: The Costly Consequences

Raccoons are extremely destructive animals. When they are looking for a place to hide or something to eat, they can tear, chew, and claw through a variety of objects and surfaces. They cause damage to a home’s walls, siding, shingles, roofs, windows, and door screens, and they can also cause structural damage. Once they get inside your home, they will continue to destroy your house and might even chew on the electrical wiring in your home. 

Raccoons can also spread dangerous diseases and parasites through their urine and feces. Our raccoon removal team has seen these pests spread leptospirosis and roundworm to unsuspecting homeowners. Raccoons are also known to carry rabies, so you should never get close to a raccoon on your property. 

Tips For Raccoon-Proofing Preventing Unwanted Raccoon Encounters

Raccoons are less likely to come onto your property if they cannot find food, water, and a safe place to stay near your home. Get outdoor trash cans that have a locking lid. Also, don’t keep your pet’s food or water dishes outdoors. You should also team up with a wildlife removal company specializing in raccoon control. They will come up with a customized plan specially designed to fit your individual needs and target your home’s problem areas. 

Professional Raccoon Control: Ensuring Ethical And Effective Removal

Raccoons can become highly defensive and dangerous if they feel you are a threat. You should never try to catch a raccoon on your own. Instead, call our San Antonio raccoon removal experts.

At Accurate Pest Control, we know the best way to safely remove the raccoons from your property, and we work with each of our customers to develop a customized prevention plan to ensure that you never have to deal with these destructive and dangerous pests again. Give us a call to set up your no-obligation consultation.