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Blogs from December, 2023

rat on the ground

Discovering that rats have taken up residence on your property is like hosting unwelcome guests who never leave. As they scurry about, playing hide-and-seek in your walls and gnawing on everything from electrical wires to insulation, they simultaneously erode your peace of mind along with your possessions. The exasperating pursuit of evicting these furry squatters becomes a maddening battle of wits where each squeak and scamper is a constant reminder that you're not alone in your own space.

Fortunately, our resourceful team at Accurate Pest Control understands the frustration these intrusive critters cause, which is why we offer the most effective rat control in San Antonio to get rid of them fast. Read on to learn more about these rodents and why you should partner with professional rat control services for peaceful, pest-free surroundings.

Understanding Rat Behavior: Insights For Effective Rat Control

To effectively control different types of rats, it's essential to understand their behavior. Rats are highly adaptable and resourceful rodents, most active at night. Their high reproductive rate makes early intervention critical to prevent a massive infestation. Rats are omnivorous and feed on various foods, including insects, fruits, grains, and garbage.

Rats are also skilled climbers and can squeeze through small openings, so sealing entry points is vital. Although trapping and baiting are common control methods, only trained professionals should utilize these measures. Maintaining a clean environment and minimizing food sources are equally important for long-term success in managing rat infestations.

If rats have invaded your property, get in touch with your local pest management company to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

Rat-Borne Diseases: Common Illnesses Transmitted By Rats

Rats can carry and transmit several common diseases that pose numerous risks to human health. Among these illnesses is leptospirosis, which spreads through rat urine and can lead to flu-like symptoms and organ damage. Rat-bite fever is another concern, typically transmitted through bites or scratches from infected rats, causing fever, rash, and joint pain. Hantavirus, carried by rodents like deer mice, can be inhaled through contaminated dust and may lead to severe respiratory illness. Rats are also known carriers of salmonella and E. coli, causing food poisoning when they contaminate food items and food preparation surfaces.

If you suspect a rat problem on your property, don't hesitate to give our team at Accurate Pest Control a call for further assistance.

Rat Prevention: Simple Measures To Keep Rats Out

Maintaining an environment free of rats is integral for the health of individuals and the protection of your property. Try implementing these simple and straightforward rat prevention measures below:

  • Inspect your property for any openings or cracks that rats could use to gain access, and seal them with materials like steel wool or caulk.
  • Store food, bird seed, and pet food in airtight containers, as rats are attracted to these food sources.
  • Regularly clean up food scraps, spilled pet food, and fallen fruit from trees, reducing potential food sources.
  • Keep vegetation and shrubs around your property well-trimmed, minimizing hiding spots.
  • Place garbage in rat-resistant containers and keep trash bins securely closed to prevent rodents from scavenging them.

For more beneficial tips to keep rats off your San Antonio property, consult a reputable pest control service near you.

Choosing The Right Rat Control: Contact Us To Learn More

The advantages of enlisting the services of experts for professional rat removal are numerous. Specialists have acquired the background, knowledge, and skills to locate the source of the infestation, identify the species, and eliminate them using targeted treatments and techniques.

Since 1990, Accurate Pest Control has provided exceptional pest management solutions that our residents in San Antonio and the surrounding areas can count on. Allow us to provide you with a long-term solution that delivers protection for your property and peace of mind for you. Contact us now for your free estimate.