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Blogs from February, 2024

Bed bug up close

Bed bug infestations are an increasingly serious problem for homeowners in San Antonio. With one in five U.S. homeowners now reporting infestations, your likelihood of pest activity is higher than ever.

But even if bed bugs are getting more active in our area, it’s still possible to prevent their spread (and get rid of an active infestation). That’s why we wrote this guide to bed bug control in San Antonio – so you can get rid of bed bugs with speed and confidence.

First, we’re covering the ways bed bugs get inside, including what you can do to prevent their migration. Next, we discuss the behaviors of bed bugs and why they bite sleeping people to survive.

If you’re considering an attempt at DIY bed bug control, we discuss the reasons why this may not be a good idea. We also explain why professional pest control is best – including the step-by-step process provided by Accurate Pest Control.

Unwanted Guests: How Bed Bugs Find Their Way Inside

Bed bugs don’t ‘invade’ like other pests in San Antonio. Unlike roaches and rodents, they can’t survive outside our homes. And unlike pests like ants, they don’t build permanent homes.

They simply live inside our houses and migrate to other homes over time.

This is why people call bed bugs ‘hitchhiking pests’ – they only get around by snagging rides with people. This could be on your clothes, in a backpack, or with luggage, especially when traveling through bus stations and airports.

But why do bed bugs ‘hitchhike’ in the first place? Catching a ride into our homes is their best chance at bedding down with a decent meal.

Why Bed Bugs Like To Bite Sleeping People

Both male and female bed bugs need blood to survive. The easiest way to get it is through a sleeping person – mainly because the victim can’t fight back (and because bed bugs are relatively slow-moving pests).

While bed bugs are mostly nocturnal and prefer to hide in box springs and mattresses, they have been known to change their habits to accommodate yours. You’re not immune to bed bug bites if you work a night shift, and you certainly can’t avoid them by sleeping on the couch.

Why DIY Bed Bug Control Usually Fails

Bed bug infestations are extremely difficult to remove. Nearly seven in ten pest control professionals say they’re the toughest pests they treat.

This means DIY or OTC products are not enough to remove an infestation.

The good news is:

  • They could make the house smell better.
  • They could discourage future invaders.
  • They usually don’t cost too much.

The bad news is:

  • They can’t eliminate entire infestations.
  • They may be dangerous at high concentrations.
  • Bed bugs may be resistant to the specific product.

To summarize, DIY is not going to remove the bed bug infestation in your San Antonio home.

Fortunately, Accurate Pest Control can.

Let’s take a closer look.

Ready To Eliminate Bed Bugs? Call Accurate Pest Control Today!

Accurate Pest Control is San Antonio’s favorite provider of bed bug inspections, treatments, and mattress encasements. We’ve served hundreds of homeowners over the past 30 years with solutions you can trust inside and out.

Our first step is to evaluate the infestation in question to assess the level of activity in your home. From there, we can apply a three-step treatment protocol – including broader treatments, spot treatments, and insect growth regulators – to remedy the situation.

Each of our customers receives a follow-up service to ensure the complete removal of bed bugs around the home. We also provide mattress encasements as an extra layer of protection.

Curious to learn more? Let’s talk. Call Accurate Pest Control for bed bug removal in San Antonio.