Are Raccoons Aggressive Towards Humans?

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Raccoons are a common sight in cities and suburbs; humans tend to encounter raccoons more often in these areas. Some people say raccoons appear bold and aggressive, but they are naturally cautious and aggressive in certain circumstances.

People are always concerned if raccoons pose a threat to humans and pets. Undoubtedly, raccoons are very good at defending themselves from other predators. Raccoons have long, sharp claws; they have jaws adjusted to hunting and serve a great purpose in fighting against other animals and raccoons. They are also equipped with instincts and senses, which help them hunt and fight for survival. Sharp eyesight during the night and coordination of movements are traits of raccoons.

Raccoons are aggressive towards humans depending entirely on the situation. If they feel threatened, the raccoon will undoubtedly attack. Similarly, raccoons are also known to turn aggressive if they are sick or feel threatened or if a human could inflict severe injury to them. Raccoons can hurt humans by scratching/biting and transmitting severe diseases like rabies. Raccoons will not attack humans on purpose; however, they do so in self-defense or their litter. Accurate Pest Control recommends not to trap, transport, or relocate them yourself for such reasons.  

What To Do If You Come Face To Face With A Raccoon?

Stomp your feet towards the raccoon, clap your hands, make loud noises; this should do the job of chasing the raccoon away. Similarly, you can also spray down the raccoon, throw a tennis ball in its direction or blow an air horn to remind the raccoon that you are a scary predator. 

If you have tried all these and the raccoon is unresponsive, contact our wildlife animal control experts in San Antonio immediately. 

We believe raccoons could be aggressive; therefore, we advise you not to interact with them as they could attack you.

If you notice a raccoon coming into your yard every night, there might be something attracting it. However, our wildlife animal control experts in San Antonio strongly advise not to feed raccoons as they are entirely capable of fending for themselves as they do so in the wild and survive excellently without any human intervention. Feeding a raccoon makes them bolder and more likely to feel comfortable around people; this can be dangerous as not everybody likes raccoons. Apart from this, they can carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans or pets. 

If you notice a neighbor feeding a raccoon in your area, you should tell them not to do so as you feel uncomfortable. You can also ask them to visit the Accurate Pest Control website for more information on raccoons and their habits. 

At Accurate Pest Control, we have a lot of information on raccoons and how you can keep your property safe from them. If you face a raccoon problem, you should call us quickly to provide the best advice on eradicating raccoons that forage in your neighborhood and disturb your peace.

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