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Blogs from December, 2018

Fire ants fighting

During Hurricane Harvey in Texas, we heard a lot about fire ant rafts floating through flood waters. As the water levels increased, causing extensive damage to life and property, these ants were an additional unpleasant side effect of the storm. Strange images and videos of the rust-colored insects looked unreal but were a cause of concern.

Not all ant species are dangerous, but fire ants are an exception. Recognized as the deadliest ant species, it is essential to know a few shocking facts about these creatures. If you have a problem with ants around your property, contact us today for help with pest control in San Antonio, TX.

Fact #1

Fire ants can inflict painful bites and stings.

Fact #2

These insects are skilled to survive during massive flooding. They tightly weave together to make rafts that can float on water until they reach land again.

Fact #3

Floodwaters do not drown fire ants. They clump and spread into a circular shape that can last for weeks.

Fact #4

Research shows that when floating fire ants get in the defensive mode, they generate more venom.

Fact #5

When these tiny insects float on water, the mass comprises every colony member, from eggs, pupae, larvae, worker ants, winged reproductive males and females, to queen ants.

Once flood waters begin to recede, these insects take refuge on anything until they can rebuild their habitat in the soil. So immediately after flooding, following general preventive measures to deal with the fire ants’ invasion is difficult. Consequently, ant pest control companies in San Antonio strongly recommends getting professional help for fast relief.