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Blogs from December, 2018

silverfish in bathroom

Commonly mistaken as centipedes, silverfish are tear-shaped insects with wingless bodies and a silver-blue color. Recognized as one of the oldest household pests, they are known for damaging homes and destroying belongings.

As a residential and commercial pest control company in San Antonio, we are often asked if silver fish are harmful to human health. While there is no scientific evidence to relate silverfish and illness, there’s another reason why they fall under the category of destructive pests. Mostly active during the night, their feeding habits increase the risk to property.

For a better understanding, let’s find out more about this serpentine nuisance.

Silverfish Are Risky For Homes

Although silverfish do not feed on wood or affect the architectural structure like carpenter bees, termites, and other wood eaters, they still have the capacity to ruin homes. Fond of food items that are rich in starch, silverfish can do major damage to wallpaper, books, old photographs, and even currency notes.

Food Contamination

Also attracted to food rich in protein and carbohydrates, your kitchen offers silverfish an appetizing menu to feed on. Since they are champions in chewing on paper, they easily can reach packaged food. Some of their favorite items are cereal, flour, and sugar. So, if you’d rather not spot them in your kitchen and are concerned about hygiene,it’s time to call a professional exterminator now.

Silverfish Damage Belongings

Silverfish are not choosy. They feed on all types of items available at home and turn them into a scrumptious meal. Let’s look at the surprising list of their edibles:

  • Toothpaste
  • Books and magazine covers
  • Garments
  • Wall hangings
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Packaged food
  • Leftovers
  • And more

Now that you are aware of the damages silverfish can cause, it is time to look at the problem from other angles.

Additional Pest Infestations

Silverfish infestation is a common cause for an increase in the number or carpet beetles and spiders. They also attract centipedes and earwigs in great numbers.

Allergy Triggers  

Silverfish do not attack humans, nor do they transmit diseases. However, since they shed their scales into the atmosphere, their presence is known to trigger allergic reactions.

Water Damage

Silverfish in Texas get into homes by exploiting holes in the building structure and consequently are often the root cause for water damage in the household.

Commonly spotted in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other isolated areas, it is impossible to completely get rid of this pest with DIY activities. To get the problem solved in a hassle-free manner, get assistance from our expert pest extermination team now.