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Blogs from April, 2020

mosquitoes flying near a pool

We have listed a few items you can do to help prevent mosquitoes:

  1. Oscillating Aura Ceiling Fan: You can use an oscillating aura ceiling fan at high speed on your patio to blow the mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes are unable to fly in high winds. If you are outdoors, using an oscillating fan at full speed is the best solution to keep mosquitoes away. The high-speed wind coming out of the oscillating fan will create turbulence and make flying difficult for mosquitoes. If you are indoors, you can use a ceiling fan at medium to high speed, this will create a downward force causing the mosquito to move away from you.
  2. Standstill Water:You can also prevent mosquitoes from breeding around your house by getting rid of all standstill water or stagnating water. If you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall and waterlogging, there is a possibility that mosquitoes are breeding in puddles around the area. Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water. It is recommended to drain out pots or vessels which contain water. If there is a stagnating pond near your house, you can call the local area health officials to check the water for the possibility of mosquitoes breeding in it.
  • Vegetation Control: Make sure the lawn is maintained on a regular basis to prevent overgrowth harborage areas for Mosquitoes. Maintain vegetation behind the home if you have an alley or greenbelt area. Don’t let leaves accumulate and collect moisture, Mosquitos can breed in this area.

If you have tried most of the above solutions and don’t see any improvement, then it's time for us to solve the issue with professional pest control in San Antonio. You can call our trained and licensed experts at Accurate Pest Control to evaluate your mosquito problem, and we will recommend the most effective mosquito control solution for you.