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Blogs from March, 2020

Termite crawling

Many individuals believe that mulch attracts termites, and the confusion on this topic remains persistent. There is a consensus that there is a certain relation between mulch and termites. Termite exterminators are here to clear the dust off this topic. Mulch is made from a variety of organic materials that are rich in various nutrients like tree bark, manure, compost soil, etc. Mulch is important for maintaining a healthy garden as the organic nutrients help the growth of plants and prevent weed growth. Due to the moisture-retaining properties of mulch, it provides a perfect condition for the growth of insects, earthworms, and most of all, termites.

Termites usually do not survive when they are separated from their colonies. The chances of termites surviving a wood chipping process to create mulch are very low. Thus the chances of encountering termites inside a store-bought bag of mulch are very low and the chances of these termites infesting your home are even lesser. Upon digging through wood chip mulch you are bound to find a variety of insects, but the thought that termites are attracted too is a myth. Termite exterminator in San Antonio strongly advises against the use of excessive mulch around the sides of your home. The use of excessive mulch creates a favorable environment for centipedes, earwigs, millipedes, cockroaches and the most worrisome of the lot, termites! The mulch gives them a helping hand to access your home.

Wildlife Animal Control in San Antonio agencies suggest to follow the tips below when using mulch around your home to prevent various insects and termites from tunneling into your home:

  • Leave a one-foot wide strip of ground between your home foundations and the mulch.
  • Keep this one-foot patch around your home dry at all times.
  • Never allow water to come in contact with your home and its woodwork.
  • Try to keep the mulch dry or water the area on alternating days, giving it enough time to dry out.

How to care for your homes in case you suspect a termite infestation or if your area is prone to termites?

If you are paranoid about termites infesting your home, call us immediately. Do not try to use chemicals and insecticides by yourself as they can cause more harm to you and your family if used incorrectly. Limit the depth of the mulch to just two inches. Keep space around the house free of mulch and water preferably one foot of space between the mulch and your home. Keep around 6 inches of foundation exposed between the wood sill of the structure and plant bed. Termites prefer moisture. Remember to keep the mulch aerated and dry from time to time. Make sure there are no leakages in your home structure. If possible, use cedar mulch or heartwood and cypress mulch. Termites dislike these types of wood. Regular inspection of mulch and keeping the area around the home dry are the easiest ways to prevent termite infestations but are not guaranteed solutions.

Call Accurate Pest Control San Antonio today to rid yourself of worries over termite infestation. We are industry leaders in various types of Wildlife Animal Control in San Antonio and pest removal techniques. We provide fast and precise solutions to all your pest control requirements.