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Blogs from December, 2020

ant infestation in kitchen

Are you fed up with spotting ants crawling across your kitchen counter, windows sills, or floor? Are you getting frustrated that you are now finding ant trails wreaking havoc in your personal space, such as bathroom sinks, floor, bathtub, or wall? Even though it is cold outside, summer picnics are done and dusted, snow may be predicted, and many homeowners continue to have winter ant problems. It is very common for ants to continue to bug homeowners in San Antonio during winter. We at Accurate Pest Control will help you understand ant patterns and offer a few tips on how you can end this problem with pest control in San Antonio, TX.

The first thing you need to inspect is your property or backyard/ garden. Winter ant problems are a clear sign that you have an ant colony living near your house/walls. Ants do not tend to construct their territory inside your home. The main ant colony is usually located outside, where it is more active. So be vigilant! These ants enter your houses to seek food, especially in warm months. As colder climates arrive, ants start to hibernate, and colonies become less active during this time. However, an outpost colony within your property, close to the

kitchen or bathroom, can remain active during the cold winter months. These hard-working critters will continue to seek food in our kitchen/home as long as the walls of your home keep them warm. But an outpost ant colony can also go into hibernation mode if that part of your home gets cold.

Although ants’ main focus may be on food, not to forget that ants are also known to cause significant damage to furniture, drywall, and other areas of the structure; the best way to get rid of ants is by preventing what is attracting them to your home. You can seal food, and clean dishes, counter surfaces, and dining tables after eating. Avoid leaving leftovers/scrapes because ants love to feed on scraps. Don’t leave a sink full of dishes overnight or for an extended period.

Tips For Preventing Winter Ant Problems:

  • Try not to leave pet food out except during mealtimes.
  • Seal flour, grains, cereal, and other food items in airtight plastic containers.
  • Store fruits in the refrigerator or sealed bags.
  • Vacuum and clean floors frequently.
  • Use a good quality cleaning product that contains bleach or ammonia to wipe clean kitchen counters and areas where you spot ant trails.

We understand cleaning can help reduce ants, but winter ant problems can be way challenging. Professional ant control in San Antonio can help classify sources of issues and establish and eradicate indoor satellite ant colonies efficiently.

A licensed pest control expert can also help seal and shield your home from other pests and seal up gaps that could be wasting energy.

Call Accurate Pest Control today at (726) 268-5733 for help with eliminating your ant problems.