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Blogs from December, 2020

big headed ants up close

You have often spotted ants working hard during the summer season, but have you ever seen ants during the winter season, or where do ants go in the winter? Well, as soon as winters arrive, ants disappear. As we snuggle in, loading ourselves with delicious soups, nutritious food, and piles of firewood, similarly ants also take the necessary steps to brave the elements.

Since ants are cold-blooded insects, they rely on the environment to regulate their body temperature. Although an ideal body temperature varies depending on the species, ants colonies around the San Antonio area attain peak productivity when the temperature is between 75 and 95 degrees °F. In such climates, ants start looking for food to survive the winter months. Have you ever thought about what ants do in winters to survive? As mentioned above, ants have quite a few clever tricks to regulate their body temperatures during these seasons. However, the type of trick depends on the particular ant species. Some ants construct their colony beneath a huge rock, soaking up heat from the sun through the stone. On the other hand, other ants build mounds with exceptional tunnels to gather heat, and some ants also use the heat of moldy leaves/sticks. These tricks help these critters regulate the heat throughout the year. But as the climate gets severe and the temperature drops, it causes a behavioral change in winter ants.

Do you find house ants in the winters? Well, as the summer disappears, ants are seen less around than usual. But does that mean that ants die in winters? Is it possible to have an ant infestation in winter? We at Accurate Pest Control in San Antonio believe that ants can sneak on your property even in winters and can cause an infestation. Naturally, as the temperature drops, ants become lethargic. As the activity of building ant colony lags, the entrance to the ant nest closes simultaneously.

We believe ants hibernate in winters until the weather becomes warm again. This is why you wouldn’t expect to find ants in the kitchen or on your property in winter, but it canstill happen.

So what causes ants in the house in winter? They become winter interlopers! Similar to the way ants use the sun and other sources to soak up the heat to maintain their body temperatures in warmer months, they can also use the warmth of your home/walls or tiles to stay warm in the winter. Being the hard workers, once they can maintain a warmer body temperature again, they’re back in action and start their usual activity.

You do still face ants in the winter? Are you curious about the best methods to control winter ants on your property? For a quick solution to your pest problems, call us, a licensed ant exterminator company in San Antonio who can put an end to your trouble.

Contact Accurate Pest Control today for a free quote. We offer efficient pest control service in San Antonio, no matter the season.