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Blogs from February, 2020

Bed bugs

Are Bed Bugs Dormant In Winter?

Biting pests like mosquitoes, gnats, black flies, and other outside pests go away in the winter as they are directly affected by the cold temperatures outdoors. On the other hand, bed bugs live almost exclusively inside where temperatures are warmer. Bed bugs will be very active in your home if the temperatures feel like spring or summer. 

So, bed bugs don’t go away in the winters; in fact, they remain active in all seasons. They are indoor pests, and as long as they have a host around, they will keep feeding irrespective of the outdoor climate. Nevertheless, bed bugs’ metabolism generally slows down in colder weather, and you may see fewer bites. This is because bed bugs take more time between feedings in colder climates. But, if a steady indoor temperature is maintained, you won’t see much difference in their feeding activity.

About developing a new infestation, you’re less likely to experience a dilemma. That’s because bed bugs find it harder to travel during winter. They’re not cold-resistant. We at Accurate Pest Control believe that bed bugs are less mobile in winter. They don’t seem to travel as much due to the cold weather outside. In several places across North America, bed bugs can even die during a prolonged travel period due to freezing climates.

If you suspect that you’ve picked up bed bugs or have an infestation in your home, don’t wait until spring to call a bed bug exterminator in San Antonio. It is advisable to reach out to our bonded pest control experts in San Antonio for comprehensive bed bug services to eradicate these pesky bugs quickly.

We have designed a three-step method; our strategy includes quick kill, focus on hiding spots of pests, and a growth regulator protocol to end the breeding process of the bed bugs. The chemical treatment takes care of the entire room. Our bed bug exterminators in San Antonio pay attention to minute details to ensure that every corner is well treated, including behind electric plugs and tiny cracks in the wall.