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Blogs from February, 2020

little raccoon up close

Raccoons are typically scavengers who feed on anything; they have a strong sense of smell and can create destruction if neglected. Have you spotted raccoon droppings nearby your house and convinced that it is a pest problem? Have you tried fences, poison, wires, traps, even called the exterminator twice? Even then, you’re still getting the neighborhood raccoon along with his pesky friends visiting every night and creating a mess in the backyard. Now you’re wondering what are you doing wrong? What if we said that you have been handing these raccoons an invitation every night? Well, we will show you a couple of ways how raccoons know that your home and yard has got some good stuff that’s attracting the party every night. Raccoons can be extremely violent if they feel endangered and will defend themselves, so it’s advisable that you let professionals at Accurate Pest Control in San Antonio handle any removal of raccoons from your home/neighborhood.

Few Ways To Get Raccoons To Scram –

Garbage & Rubbish

You’ve probably heard this before…You have to think like a raccoon if you want to get rid of one. It is of utmost significance to know what a raccoon eats so that you can make sure you don’t have any of it in your backyard. Raccoons are omnivores and eat up pretty much anything and everything. Particularly garbage! You can prevent this by simply securing your cans with bungee ropes, or if you have money to splurge, you can get animal-proof storage systems.


Food and leftovers attract all sorts of pests. If you can find a way to avoid having it in the garden or backyards, half of your work is done.

Pet Water Dishes

Raccoons look cute and delightful, but you don’t want to be close to them when they are cooling down in your pet’s water dish. Easy remedy, get the water bowl inside at dusk.


Having no security lights around your home will undoubtedly attract sneaky night creatures and raccoons. Keeping your yard brightly lit up goes a long way, for keeping your house secure from animals and pests, and also from thieves.

Nooks Crannies & Chimneys

According to Wildlife Animal Control in San Antonio, chimneys and attics are known to be the most favorite places for raccoons to hide or nest. Closing of such open spaces or structures such as decks, porches, gardens, and tool sheds with hardware mesh deters the entry of raccoons. Coming down to it, two things will attract raccoons the most: food and dark spaces. If the above methods to deter raccoons fail, try combining methods to see what works!

If you suspect raccoons on the property or in the home, chimney or attic, you should get professional help immediately. Professionals at Accurate Pest Control are well-trained technicians and offer you appropriate pest control services. They will evaluate your home to determine whether raccoons are the root cause of your problems.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us instantly and we will work with you to ensure raccoons are successfully removed from your house, and your family is safe.