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Blogs from February, 2020

bed bug treatment

Do D.I.Y. Methods of Bed Bug Removal Work?

D.I.Y. techniques of pest control can be efficient when used in smaller infestations. It is also essential to carry out these home remedies with reliability and accuracy. Although it is highly recommended to call a qualified and licensed bed bug extermination in San Antonio, below are a few customary D.I.Y. bed bug treatments you can utilize:

  • Rubbing Alcohol is effective in eliminating bed bugs and can dissolve the cells of insects and can wipe out bed bugs. Also, it prevents bed bugs, so spray it on bedding and other nearby items.
  • Diatomaceous Earth is a good non-chemical technique utilized for eliminating several pests, not just bed bugs. The pure form is powdered fossils of aquatic organisms that can dry out the exoskeleton of the pest, eventually causing them to die.
  • Clean the materials, bedding, and mattresses regularly to prevent bed bugs. By no means purchase used or discarded mattresses. Even one bed bug egg will be enough to start a full-fledged infestation back into your home.
  • Baking Soda has drying properties since it is antimicrobial that can dehydrate bed bugs. Sprinkle it over the bedbug-infested areas. Clean it after a few days and re-apply.
  • Cayenne Pepper is antimicrobial as well, and its strong smell can drive bed bugs away.
  • Applying clove oil to the bed and furniture drives away bed bugs as they cannot withstand acidic conditions.
  • Wash all bedding, curtains, and clothing thoroughly in hot water and dry them. Bed bugs cannot thrive in high temperatures.

Why Use Professional Ways To Remove Bed Bugs

Professional methods of pest control use organized and precise steps to ensure the complete removal of bed bugs. Our Accurate Pest Control exterminators scan every corner of your home to ensure they don’t leave any bed bugs behind. Our cutting-edge techniques engage in powerful and safe agents that not only kill bed bugs but also stop them from recurring. For years residents of San Antonio have been dependent upon reliable yet effective bed bug control, and we have always lived up to our customer’s expectations and standards.

Spending your precious money on a professional bed bug exterminator can never be a wrong choice, as you can then be at ease and rest assured that the infestation will be successfully eliminated from your home within no time. The majority of exterminators are experts in their field – they know everything about a specific bug, its habits, and behavioral patterns and hence can treat it in the best possible manner. Bed bugs are unbelievably tricky and adaptive, which is why it is no surprise that they often escape the effect of DIY treatments. Only professional pest control in San Antonio can effectively eradicate bed bug plague without demolishing your property!

You can now safely hand over your home to our experts at Accurate Pest Control, who will bring back the beauty of your house. Call us today!