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Blogs from February, 2020

Skunk looking for food

A sulfuric, nauseating smell that makes you immediately cover your nostrils and mouth come from no other animal, but an innocent-looking intruder called a skunk. The assault of this smell is well known as soon as it attacks your nostrils. It is so bad that it will cause you to close all your windows when you are present in the home or driving down the road Skunks will defend themselves and their young ones only when they feel threatened and can’t escape. Before they can spray, they give away signs of warnings that you should take heed of immediately. These signs include a raised tail, hissing, burst of charges towards their target, thumping of the feet, and will even stand up on their hinds. Therefore, it is recommended you take the utmost care if such situations arise and let the pest control professionals in San Antonio handle the problem in the best possible way.

How does the skunk smell get into your house?

  • A skunk spray outdoors near the HVAC system will seep throughout the system and get into your home.
  • A pet dog playing around the porch or garden can get sprayed by skunks and get the smell into the house or worse on your linen.
  • If your home is built with a crawl space below, this can provide the skunks with a comfortable environment to nest and they usually mark their territories by spraying their scent around.

Below Are A Few Tips On How To Handle These Invasive Creatures & Their Awful Aroma

  • Remove the skunk. We at Accurate Pest Control San Antonio highly recommend you get in touch with our Wildlife Animal Control San Antonio department. We have professionally trained personnel who use the latest tools, equipment, and removal methods for all pests.
  • Clean the furniture, carpets, bedding, clothing or more. They will surely require multiple washes.
  • Use aromatic spray oils or disinfectants as they cover multiple surfaces.
  • Use a deodorizer or a room freshener.
  • A commonly used DIY spraying solution is mixing 1 quarter of hydrogen peroxide with a quarter cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of liquid detergent.

Controlling Tips & How To Prevent Infestations Of Skunks In The Future

  • Remove any possible hideout space in which skunks could nest
  • If possible install electric fencing
  • At dusk be sure to close all pet doors
  • Make sure the car park or garage door is shut all the way through
  • Remove the garbage cans or secure them tightly

Keep in mind certain animals are protected by the laws of the state. We highly recommend you leave the removal of the pests and wildlife to our Wildlife Animal Control in San Antonio department. To avoid such issues of infestation, precaution is the best remedy. It is highly advised not to feed or make contact with wildlife.

Don’t confront a skunk on your own! Contact Accurate Pest Control in San Antonio today and we will work with you to get rid of all your pest troubles.