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Blogs from July, 2020

carpenter bee

Carpenter bees are insects with a unique set of behavior. They can be a nuisance and cause extensive damages to homes all over the country and especially in San Antonio, Texas. They are widely known as wood-destroying insects. They make their nest inside wooden structures and cause homeowners a lot of problems. They are known to cause structural damage to homes if left unchecked.

Carpenter bees look a lot like bumblebees. If you compare them to bumblebees, you will notice some subtle differences between the two. Unlike bumblebees, carpenter bees do not have a hairy abdomen. Similarly, they do not have yellow bands like bees. Similar to bees, the female carpenter bees are known to pack a powerful sting. They get their name from their peculiar habit of digging into the wood to build nests. They rely on nearby plants for pollen and nectar as a food source and are excellent pollinators of crops and flowering plants.

Carpenter bees can cause a lot of damage, eventually weakening the structure of a home or building that they infest. Many times their activity goes unnoticed. They work very discreetly, and the extent of their damage builds over time, becoming very alarming and extensive when discovered. They are perfectionists and are known for their wood tunnel boring capability. They prefer softwoods like cedar, redwood, and clear pines.

Carpenter bees can be controlled by the application of registered insecticide. It is advised to call a professional home pest control company to carry out the job because these insects can get aggressive when threatened, and the extent of their damage can only be determined by a certified pest control company. They can also bore further into the wood, causing more severe pest control problems or even weaken the house structures further.

The nest of a carpenter bee colony can vary on size depending on the size of the colony and the structure of wood they are infested within. They usually have a single perfectly round hole on the wooden surface as an entryway. If it is springtime and you’ve noticed bumblebees hovering around the wooden roofline. You probably have carpenter bees nesting. Single female carpenter bees deposit 6-7 eggs at a time.

If you have a woodpecker pecking at the fascia board of your residence, it is a clear sign that there are carpenter bees in the wood, and nature’s own pest control is at work for you. The larva of these bees is an easy meal for woodpeckers. The woodpecker is known to feed and destroy entire colonies of carpenter bees. Once the woodpecker has completed its job, they can be scared away from the bee nest, and the spot can be repaired.

Carpenter bees are tough to identify and dangerous pests to get rid of from your homes. They can get aggressive and sting you and your children. Accurate Pest Control specializes in the safe and effective removal of carpenter bees and all other pests. We request you to call us today to discuss the best solution to get rid of your pest control problems in San Antonio.