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Blogs from July, 2020

scorpion in the bottom of a sneaker

Some people enjoy keeping scorpions as pets, but most think of scorpions as pests. There are many simple ways to make sure these creepy insects stay out of your home-especially your bed. In this article, we have listed simple methods to keep scorpions out of your bed and ensure that you get a peaceful sleep at night.

  • Find and fix any cracks that appear near your bedroom. Scorpions commonly enter through vents, walls, drains, and also through ceiling fixtures. It is necessary to pour a good cleaning agent down the drains of the septic system. Doing so every week will prevent scorpions from entering through these openings.
  • Another home remedy for keeping scorpions out of your bed is to keep a citrus or lavender plant near your bedroom. The fragrance will be pleasant as well as deter pests from entering your bedroom or living space.
  • Keep your bed a few inches away from the wall; this is one solution for keeping scorpions away. You can also place the feet of the bed into mason jars that will help since scorpions cannot climb onto smooth surfaces. Mason jars create an extra barrier preventing scorpions from jumping on your bed.
  • Place sticky traps around your home or bedroom. These are usually used to trap rats and other insects but could be used for scorpions too.
  • Keeping your home and bedroom decluttered, and systematic is also the right solution. It takes some extra effort to clean up and organize the furniture, but this ensures that scorpions have no hiding place. It also gives these insects less space to move around and eliminate hiding spaces.
  • Moisture attracts many different pests. Following all the above remedies will not be of much help if you have excess moisture in your home. Scorpions are attracted to moisture. Keeping the bathroom floor dry at all times will help you reduce scorpion infestations. You need to keep the outside of the house also moisture-free. Stagnant water and wet mulch should be drained and discarded. Keeping the outside of your home dry will keep scorpions at bay.

Getting rid of other pests and insects that scorpions feed on will deprive them of nutrition. Scorpions usually feed on fleas, cockroaches, ants, etc. Cutting off their food supply will force them to move out of your house.

Controlling and preventing these dangerous pests from getting into your home is not an easy task. Sometimes it might need you to clean up your entire house, tidy up your yard, and rework your house structure.

To avoid overworking yourself and your family on the weekend, we suggest hiring a professional wildlife animal control company in San Antonio to exterminate and get rid of scorpions.

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