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Blogs from April, 2021

round termite defense

If you think termites are just insects that damage upholstery, furniture, and corners of your home, then you’re wrong! These critters are scarier than they look! Termites are deceitful pests that damage wood furniture and also cause physical damage to electrical wirings and conduits – increasing risks of short circuits and fires.

Did you know that termites have been flourishing on this planet for more than 250 million years? Well, there are over 2,000 species of termites worldwide. There are chances of thousands of termites present in the soil around your home. At Accurate Pest Control, we believe that termite infestation can be a nightmare, and no homeowner wants the infestation in their commercial and residential property at any cost. Hence, it is imperative not to let go of any signs of termite infestation unnoticed. A prompt response is a must once the initial signs of infestation are witnessed.

Outlined Are A Few Common Termite Infestation Signs

Mud tubes

Mud tubes are a notable sign of termite invasion. Subterranean termites reside in shelters made of dirt and mud and use these tubes to travel to and fro without getting noticed. You can often see these tubes on the interior or exterior of walls at entry points.

Termite Swarmers

Termite swarmers are nothing but light flies. They usually are the first indications of termite infestation on a property.Discarded wings on floors and window panes are a strong signal for indoor termite infestation.

Jammed doors and windows

Termites feast on wood for their living, and their feces leaves behind a mud-like substance. When in contact with the atmosphere, this substance results in timber bulging and makes it difficult to open or close windows and doors.

The Termite Control Plan 

You can try various things to control termites.

  1. Decrease moisture levels at home.
  2. Fix leaking water pipes, faucets, and AC units.
  3. Regularly check for signs like bubbling wall paint, mud tubes, hollow wood, jammed doors, and discarded swarmer wings.

These are some tips that can assist in keeping termites away from home/property. But if you spot the signs mentioned above, it is recommended to hire the best pest control in San Antonio. Because once the property is infested, D.I.Y. or preventive measures don’t pay off well. During such situations, a well-curated termite inspection and extermination treatment by experts is a must. We use Termidor® -America’s leading termite control by pest-control professionals to kill termites 100% in three months or less. The Termidor’s liquid treatment works wonders in eradicating the termite problem from your property.

We understand termites can be highly destructive to property. Hence it is vital to know the common termite identifiers and tips to deal with the infestation promptly.

Are you worried about a termite infestation? Call Accurate Pest Control to eradicate termites from your property right away!