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Blogs from May, 2021

termite control

Every homeowner should learn easy ways to prevent termites from spreading. Termite prevention helps homeowners avoid costly damages. At Accurate Pest Control, we advise you to quickly carry out frequent termite inspections in your San Antonio home. We believe termites are tricky, ardent, and go undetected until significant damage has been done and large colonies have been set up already. Getting rid of termite colonies requires professional help. In case you have discovered termite presence in furniture or around your home, we suggest you use these easy ways to prevent termites from spreading.

1. Get rid of excessive moisture.

Moisture attracts all sorts of pests, including termites. To keep termites at bay, you should get rid of excess moisture in your home. If the environment in which you live is humid, investing in a decent dehumidifier can help. Similarly, during hot summer days, you can use the AC to maintain appropriate temperatures while avoiding an excessive buildup of moist air indoors.

2. Fix Leakages

Leakages can cause decay to your furniture. Excessive moisture in the wall due to leakages is the perfect host for insects and termites. Fixing the leakages will save your precious money before it’s too late.

3. Organize your home

Organizing your home is very important to allow yourself and professionals to inspect and treat termite and other insect infestations. Useless paper, magazines, paper boxes, old textiles provide appropriate living and feeding material to pests like termites.

4. Keep the distance between the foundation and garden.

Moisture from the garden soil is a major cause of destruction to the foundations of homes. It also provides insects, especially termites, and easy access to the home structure. Licensed exterminators at Accurate Pest Control suggest a distance of at least 20? between the garden and foundation. The area can be filled using cement, stones, or gravel. 

5. Borate usage

Borate is a popular insect repellent. Spraying borate before painting wooden surfaces is known to repel termites. The wood quickly absorbs borate; hence, upon drying, the wood can be primed, painted, and used to make windows, doors, furniture, etc. The concoction of borate is known to repel termites for weeks or till you seek professional help.

6. Drying out infected items.

Termites hate heat. By keeping furniture and woodworks in the sun for a few consecutive days, you will notice the termites eventually die, and the items will dry. The cost of replacing furniture and foundations is high.  Have termites already created a nuisance in your home? You first need to get in touch with professional exterminators in San Antonio. Our company carries out thorough inspection and extermination of termite infestations and pests from your property.

7. Firewood storage

Ensure to store any firewood at least 20 feet away from your property.

8. Insect regularly

Regularly inspect the foundation of your home for signs of mud tubes, uneven or bubbling paint, and wood that appears hollow when tapped.

9. Indoor repairs

Ensure to repair fascia, soffits, rotted roof shingles, and even AC units at the earliest.

10. Seek expert help!

Consider scheduling a professional inspection annually. Homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover wood-boring insect damage.

We at Accurate Pest strongly suggest relying on our professionals to do the job of exterminating termites. The price of prevention is far more reasonable than losing precious items. We are one of the very few trusted pest control companies in San Antonio. Call us on (726) 268-5733 to get a free quote!