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Blogs from December, 2021

squirrel eating food in yard

Squirrels can get troublesome for most people, especially when invading their homes and destroying their property. Did you know that squirrels can be incredibly amusing when you watch them going about their daily practices? These brilliant rodents can jump to nearby trees, run across electricity cables, hide food and sometimes even outplay the birdfeeder. When squirrels enter your home to build a hole, you should contact a pest control experts in San Antonio to remove squirrels and avoid direct contact with the animals.

How Is A Squirrel’s Intelligence Distinctive?

All rodents are intelligent animals, but the squirrel crowns the list for intelligence. While a rat/mouse can outsmart and sometimes outmaneuver a pursuing human, squirrels’ quickness and intellect give them a lead over other predators and more giant creatures. A squirrel is clever; for example, when it feels threatened, it will remain motionless first, and when it looks that no one is watching, it sprints to the tree and climbs up for safety. Frequently, a squirrel will hang onto the tree by pressing its body tightly to the tree.

In movies or real life, you may have seen that squirrels love eating from human hands, but very few animals trust humans for food. In chilly regions of Europe and North America, squirrels plan ahead of the cold winter months by storing nuts/seeds in tactical areas and then returning to the exact locations to eat the stored food for energy.

Squirrels also run through unpredictable paths, they do this to trick their predators, and for this reason, they can easily escape through the situation. Squirrels are intelligent creatures as they bury their food to mislead humans or any other animal watching them from close by. The burying of food is usually to trick potential stalkers/thieves like birds who know that the squirrel is storing the food in that area. If any creature hops on to discover the buried food on that location will find nothing, this smart strategy will eventually allow the squirrel to bury the food elsewhere.

The squirrels that live on trees construct dreys that look like bird nests, and these dreys are made up of moss, twigs, feathers, and grass. The size of the drey is usually a football, and all the items surrounding provide support and insulation for the young ones. Squirrels use several vocalizations to communicate with each other; they also produce scents to draw the attention of the opposite sex or communicate with them. Similarly, they can make signals with their tails by twitching them to caution other squirrels about the presence of a potential threat.

Several species of squirrels are frequently referred to as ‘Flying squirrels’; though they don’t fly literally, they fly with the help of a membrane attached from their wrists to ankles, which helps squirrels move smoothly like us, humans.

With all these traits, we at Accurate Pest Control can tell that squirrels are indeed among the most intelligent animals in the world.

Do you need rodent control in San Antonio? Call our licensed experts today to learn more.