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Blogs from February, 2021

bed bugs on a bed frame board

There is no doubt that bugs are creepy pests, and as in the case of most insects, everybody wants to get rid of bed bugs quickly. Whether you’ve encountered one in your home on your bed, bag, or hiding in your clothes, your first reaction is to eliminate bed bugs and figure out how it has entered your space. On that note, you further start speculating whether it is possible to eliminate bed bugs overnight. At Accurate Pest Control, we would like you to understand that today there is a plethora of data available online, including products, DIYs, and tips for eliminating bed bugs. The truth is that anything other than hiring a professional pest control company in San Antonio is likely to be ineffective. It is also essential to check if you have recently traveled or have added a piece of old furniture to your home. If you’re a travel junkie, you need to be careful, as bed bugs can travel alongside you without your knowledge or can also be hiding in old furniture.

Outlined below are steps you can take to help speed up the elimination process and potentially help cut down on costs.

Discard Unnecessary clutter

It is best to remove any unnecessary clutter that piles over time and gives rise to more bed bugs in the future, so chuck old magazines, books, and newspapers. Other than warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide, bed bugs also get attracted to dark crevices. Use plastic bins in place of cardboard for storage, as plastic bins are less likely to foster infestations. 

Clean The Infested Space

Wash all bedding/clothing at maximum heat to kill bed bugs and germs. Lay items in sealed plastic bags when moving, and then seal them clean in new plastic bags. Remove and clean fabric window coverings and hardware. Regularly wash and vacuum floors thoroughly.

Be Aware Of Your Bed

Make sure to place the bed 6 inches away from the wall to keep bed bugs away. Wash and dry all bed linens, including sheets, pillowcases, sheets, throws, and mattress pads, at maximum heat allowed by the manufacturer. Ensure they have zippers and are of good quality to cut down on shredding. Check under your bed and discard anything unnecessary. Items you want to keep must be kept in the same room to stop the infestation from spreading further.

Make It Difficult For Bed Bugs To Hide.

Examine baseboards for any cracks/crevices and caulk as required. Make sure the wallpaper is undamaged and repair any wall damage. Check outlets and wall switches for bed bug confirmation.

Seek Help From Experts

Want to kill bed bugs fast? Seek help from Accurate Pest Control professionals. Cooperate with the experts to make sure they have access to cabinets, walls, and areas around fixtures. We are a licensed bed bug exterminator in San Antonio who will find infestation signs and work out a robust, customized treatment to abolish bed bugs and their eggs in no time.

Call the best pest control company in San Antonio today to kill bed bugs quickly.