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Blogs from February, 2021

bed bug on burlap

As tiny, wingless insects with smoothed bodies, they can hide in tight spaces out of sight, such as behind beds or deep into furniture. That is why these pests are incredibly proficient at going unnoticed by humans.

Their flat bodies shield them from being smashed by their hosts, who find them at night. Although bed bugs like to hide, they will move out of their hiding spaces to feed when a host is nearby, especially at night. But even then, bed bugs are very careful about their actions. The reddish-brown pests typically wait until late night before beginning their quest for a blood feast to avoid exposure. When they bite, they inject the host with a mild anesthetic to help them go unseen while they feed. Being one of the most trusted Beg Bug exterminator and pest control companies in San Antonio, we bring you in detail how these pests can cause bed bug infestation on your property.

1. Travel

We believe awareness is critical! In the last ten years, it has been estimated that bed bugs have made a resurrection worldwide and are a source of stress for many homeowners in the U.S. They have infested homes and businesses, hotels, colleges/universities, hospitals, malls, movie theaters, libraries, etc. Did you know that rapid global travel is cited to be one of the major contributing factors to the increase in bed bug infestations in the U.S. in the last 20 years? Today trips from the U.S. to remote locations where bed bugs are widespread have led to bed bugs’ growing problem.

2. Second Hand Or Old Furniture

Bed bugs can often be introduced to your homes when an infested set of upholstery comes into a home/business. Likewise, rented furniture can also be the cause if rented to a property where bed bugs are thriving and poorly inspected upon its return before being borrowed again. Did you know bed bugs can stay alive for many months without a blood meal? So, separating an infested set of upholstery will not eliminate bugs. Homeowners and renters often accidentally bring bed bugs onto their property by picking up unnecessary furniture and bringing it into their homes.  

Outlined Are A Few Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs When Traveling

  • Inspect your bed regularly no matter you are at home or living in a hotel
  • Ensure that you keep your luggage far from the bed
  • Inspect your luggage before packing and unpacking
  • Wash clothes after returning from anywhere

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs, Fast

Are you still suffering from a massive bed bug infestation and cannot quickly get rid of bed bugs? Call Accurate Pest Control today for a free quote at (726) 268-5733.